It does not matter if you are an athlete, or if you just love to run and exercise because in both cases you need to take extra good care of your feet. Even if you are a lazy person, read and listen to the tips below, and if you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact and ask for help regarding sports podiatry Bondi Junction by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Control your diabetes

While diabetes is a very difficult disease to control, it is still possible to do it if you are persistent. It is very important that you take good care of your blood sugar levels and that can be done by talking to your doctor and seeing what they have to offer. If you do not do this, you are more prone to have open wounds and pain in your feet. Take care of your underlying condition or disease first

  1. Check your feet every day

Another very important thing to do each day, and it really does not take a lot, is to simply check your feet. As soon as you get up, after your shower or when you come back home, you should look at your bare feet for any blisters, swellings, red spots or cuts. You can also use the mirror to help yourself and check out the bottom of your feet.

  1. Proper feet hygiene

This is something that shouldn’t require to be said, but in case you somehow missed the message, taking proper hygiene of all parts of your body is very important. This applies especially to our feet, as we spend our whole day on them, and after you clean them, take your time to dry them too. If you find anything unusual while doing so, contact the best foot doctor in Bondi Junction by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

  1. Keep the skin soft and smooth

Usually, people tend to take better care of the skin on their hands than their feet, and you should take care of both. Once you take a shower and properly dry your feet, you should rub a thinner coat of good skin lotion on the bottom of your feet and on bottom and top of your fingers, but do not rub between them.

  1. Trim your toenails right

One of the common issues people have and seek help is the ingrown toenails, and that can be avoided if you cut your nails properly. Never cut them too short, and if you see that your nail is curving the wrong way, you can always place a small cotton ball underneath and help guide the way.

Active people need to take better care of their feet

  1. Footwear is important

There has been this whole new thing about running barefoot or with very thin shoes, and that is quite opposite of what you should be doing. Even simply walking on a hard surface is something to avoid, so make sure that you always have socks or shoes on while you walk, even in the house.

  1. Le the blood reaches your

Sometimes, our socks can be so tight that the blood just can’t reach our feet properly. Another thing that you should do is put your feet up when sitting, and try not to cross your legs for a longer period. Smoking also affects the health of your feet, so try to avoid it.

Final word

If you have any more questions, you can always contact your podiatrist. Make sure that you do not self-diagnose yourself because if you do it wrong, it can result in a worse injury. This is why it is very important that you visit your podiatrist on time.