Designer fashion may look great, but it can be pricey. Unless you have the bank account of a celebrity or a trust-fund baby, you aren’t likely to be able to afford a designer wardrobe without putting a serious dent in your finances. Designer clothing and accessories are typically made with higher-quality materials, and they have unique and cutting-edge designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, the designers themselves develop a reputation for quality and style, which adds value to anything they create going forward.

But you don’t have to lower your sartorial sights if you don’t have the bankroll for designer fashions and accessories. There are a few tricks you can employ to get the look without the price. Here are a few ideas:

Choose Quality without the Name Brand

You don’t have to buy Versace or Yves St. Laurent to enjoy great fashion. After all, these fashion greats got their ticket to fame only after making high-quality and stylish clothing and accessories. Before they were known the world over, they were making the same high-quality and stylish clothing and accessories. They just didn’t have the prestige to charge the high prices they do now.

Look for other quality fashion and accessories that don’t yet have the name brand and the astronomical price tag. For example, Prive Revaux sells high-quality sunglasses that follow the latest designer trends but are far more affordable. These glasses look like those you’d see celebrities wearing on their yachts, but most of the frames cost less than $50. You get the look you want without the price tag.

Shop Secondhand

Online venues like eBay, Craig’s list, and even Amazon offer excellent opportunities to find designer and other high-quality goods for a much lower price. Typically, when people buy designer clothing and accessories, they take great care to keep the items in top shape. They get them cleaned properly, and they store them with care. When you find these items for sale, most will look as good as new.

Shop for the designer looks you want online or even at your local consignment shops and boutiques. You may still pay more than you would for ready-to-wear clothing at big-box retailers, but you’ll pay far less than you would if you were shopping for new designer duds.

Buy Knock-Offs

There is a thriving market that sells replicas of designer clothing and accessories for a bargain price. See an Oscar de la Renta dress that you love on the red carpet? You can find someone online who has made it and is selling it. Ditto for that Coach purse or those Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Some knock-offs actually pretend to be the real thing, including a fake label. That’s actually against the law, and you should beware of these sellers.

Make Your Own

Are you good at sewing? Who says you can’t make your own designer fashions? You can certainly look at the designer looks you love in magazines or online and replicate them at home. Not only will you make the garment exactly for your measurements, ensuring that it fits perfectly, but you’ll also show off a one-of-a-kind garment that your friends would expect to see only on celebrities.

If you’re really creative, you can design your own original fashions. You’ll really turn heads when you come up with something unique and stylish, and people will be extra impressed when they learned that you not only sewed the outfit, but that you designed it yourself. Imagine how much more impressed when they found out that you designed your own shoes, sunglasses, or jewelry. You don’t have to have special tools to do so. Many cities and community colleges have facilities available for rent to make just about anything you want.

Designer clothing may be out of your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the fashion look that you love. There are many ways to save on designer clothing itself or to get the same look through high-quality items that don’t have the designer name. Just focus on what’s important: High-quality clothing and accessories that have a unique sense of style. If you are creative enough, you can even set your own trends by designing your own clothes or adjusting clothing you find at thrift stores.