If you don’t have plant containers for your gardening project, don’t worry because you can simply make your own. With a bit of creativity and some everyday objects around you, you can make home-made containers for your plants.

Tin Cans

Before you throw away those tin cans, you should know that you can make home-made plant containers out of them. Just clean them out, drill some holes underneath, and fill up with compost and plants, along with chive seeds or pansies. Visit https://amico.com.au if you’re looking for stylish cool containers for your plants.

Your drawers

Another creative idea for planting is an old chest of drawers.  Upon pulling your drawers out, you have three or more separate planting beds. And in each drawer, you’ve got various types of planting, either for herbs for flower arrangement. The first thing to do is to paint your drawers with something like polyurethane for waterproofing. One tip- don’t plant anything that needs too much watering.

Old boots

Your old boots come in handy for drainage when you fill them with plants and compost. Try to trail nasturtiums hanging down the sides of some succulents like cactus in your old shoes. Do you have wine-bottle corks in your chicken? If yes, you can hollow them out with a screwdriver or kitchen knife and fill with compost. Place your Aloe on it, spray with water and put some sunny spot for happy growth.

Pots and Containers arrangement

How many containers and pots you need to have? How should you arrange them in your yard? Well, if you have a very limited space, then there would be no problem. You may need to have a room for a single large pot, two or three for smaller ones. You can use lightly coloured pots for stylish display. And if you’ve got only one pot, then there’s still enough room to grow some colorful herbs or flowers.

Unified or Mix & Match?

If you have bigger space, then you can buy various sizes of the same pot style. Place them in various spots and come up with a combo of plants in each pot. Another option is to group them together, with the taller containers at the back and smaller ones arranged around it.

Be sure that you choose various sizes because too many little plant containers together with tend to feel “samey” and doesn’t have the feel of contrast or scale. Or you might want to get your creative juices flowing and mix things up a little. Go out and purchase many different styles, colours, and sizes of containers and arrange them in your own preference. You can come up with a unique look of your pot.

If you can’t afford doing these DIY plant containers, or you don’t have the luxury of time for it, then it’s a good thing that there are home improvement stores selling different size and style of pots.

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