Perth is Australia’s most isolated capital city, and perhaps it goes without saying that food prices are high. However, if you know where to go cheap restaurants in Perth can offer great delights for little expense.

For the cheapest dining option of all, consider making your own meals! You don’t even need to buy new appliances; many of Perth’s cheap restaurants start by stocking up on ingredients at the various farmer’s markets held around the metropolitan area. Make sure you check what fresh produce is available before heading out; some will be better than others depending on the time of year. It would also be a good idea to research recipes beforehand so you know what ingredients are needed, or alternatively pick up one of many cookbooks dedicated to cooking with cheap restaurants in Perth.

Some of the best cheap restaurants in Perth are also some of the most unexpected. Remember to leave your preconceptions at the door when considering what cheap restaurants in Perth may be hiding up their sleeve; for example, while pizza and hamburgers can still be found for under $10 they may not offer the same greasy experience that you’re craving after a hard day’s work. Instead, consider heading to one of many cheap Mexican restaurants in Perth where generous deals offer great value without sacrificing flavor. If Italian is more to your liking then perhaps one of the cheap Brazilian or Portuguese restaurants will satisfy your tastes!

One thing visitors love about cheap restaurants in Perth is how multicultural the city itself is. There are so many cuisines represented that it’s often hard to find a cheap restaurant in Perth where the food doesn’t tickle your tastebuds. As an added bonus, many of these ethnic restaurants are located within the city center so you won’t have to travel far for a truly authentic experience!

For those who prefer dining out on their own terms, don’t forget about BYO restaurants in Perth. You’ll save heaps on costs without sacrificing taste or atmosphere—perhaps even more if you’re particularly fond of spirits. If this option appeals then perhaps one of cheap Thai takeaway places will be just up your alley! A classic favorite of families and couples alike, don’t let the word ‘takeaway’ put you off; remember that while most things can be prepared for dine-in if you call ahead, some cheap restaurants in Perth may ask that you collect your meal.

Here’s a list of cheap restaurants in Perth that are sure to inspire; remember that if you go in for dinner, the prices may drop further during the day!

Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is perfect for when your stomach feels like it could consume the world. Unfortunately, most takeaways offer little more than beef burritos to choose from, but Jalisco’s Mexican restaurant bucks this trend by offering all the classic dishes at affordable prices. If you’re unafraid of taking risks then ask about the menu specialties—whatever they are, they’re bound to be good!

Taco Bill – Morley

Another incredibly popular Mexican restaurant to try in Perth is Taco Bill – Morley which offers just as many options to spice up your life. Every dish is made to order so feel free to experiment with whatever catches your eye on the menu!

Pollo Fiesta

Craving a mouthwatering rotisserie chicken? Pollo Fiesta is one of many cheap restaurants in Perth that specializes in this all-time favorite. The portions are hearty while still being reasonably priced, making it perfect for sharing or just taking home leftovers after you’ve had your fill! If you’re willing to head out a little later then dinner specials offer even better value.

Tokyo Joe’s

Craving sushi? Don’t let the idea of having to travel all the way to Japan hold you back; at Tokyo Joe’s Japanese restaurant in Perth, you’ll enjoy quality and service that would be hard to find elsewhere for such an affordable price.

Piri-Piri chicken is so hot right now, and you can find it at cheap Portuguese restaurants in Perth such as Bacalhau Grill! The flame-grilled Piri-Piri poussin is incredibly popular among diners, with the caramelized garlic butter sauce adding a different dimension of flavor to your palate. Don’t forget to come back during the day; deals and specials on offer make it even easier to enjoy a tasty treat without splashing your cash!

Bacalhau Grill

The name of this restaurant says it all: Bacalhau Grill is one of many cheap Brazilian restaurants in Perth that specializes in traditional South American cuisine. The menu caters for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and pescatarians alike with plenty of fish dishes to choose from. If you’re not sure what will hit the spot then why not take advantage of the weekday lunch special which includes a main dish, drink, and dessert for just $14?

Thai House Cuisine

Thai House Cuisine promises authentic Thai food without compromising on flavor or atmosphere; their extensive menu has something for everyone regardless of whether they’re vegetarian, vegan, or gluten intolerant. This combined with BYO (with no corkage fee) makes it an even better bargain!

So next time you’re considering what to eat for dinner then why not try one of these cheap restaurants in Perth. They offer a wide range of cuisines and dining experiences so you’ll have all manner of options available to keep your belly happy! Don’t forget to check out the opening hours beforehand, as they may be different from what you expect at first glance. Bon appétit!

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