Individuals with thin or thick lower lips (ปาก ล่าง หนา, which is the term in Thai) want to make their lips look fuller or thinner to improve their facial balance. The good news is that there are methods and processes for creating larger or thinner lips that are easy with surgery. Naturally, this has the advantage of improving self-esteem, confidence, and socializing time for many people.

Contrariwise, some individuals with large lips minimize their mouth size since their mouths overpower their faces and draw attention away from other physical characteristics. Some people require lip reduction for medical reasons, such as an excessively large upper lip, a small bottom lip, or both, causing an incorrect mouth-sealing process.

The Augmentation Of Lips

Lip surgical procedures, which come in various thicknesses and lengths, can also be used to enhance lips, which are made to complement all face shapes. Under local anesthesia, the implants are inserted through tiny incisions made inside the mouth’s edges, frequently in an outpatient manner.

Lip Surgical Procedures

Lip Reduction

Are you uncomfortable because your lips are too big? Surgery for lip reduction might be worthwhile. Its aesthetic technique can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional facial cosmetic plastic surgery treatments, such as the chin or jawline enhancement or the procedure (nose surgery) to reduce lip size permanently.

Around an hour may pass during lip reduction surgery, typically performed under local anesthesia. You can experience stiff and sore lips after the procedure. Patients can experience mild to severe discomfort, swelling, and bruising during the coming days. These side effects can be managed with prescription drugs from your doctor.

A harmonic connection between both upper and lower lips, which is in harmony with the overall face, and regular lip competency are the objectives of lip reduction surgeries.

When reduction cheiloplasty is carried out using methods that have been historically described:

  • The goal has been to reduce the volume of the lip by excising just one section or ellipse of tissue.
  • Closing the incision immediately and altering the lip’s posture.
  • But these days, lip reduction techniques mainly focus on the lip’s final shape and the volume separating the lower and upper lip.

For people with very wide lips or lips that lead to functional issues like drooling, practising makeup tactics and strengthening your face muscles to thin out huge lips can be useful, but it is not very effective. It could be necessary to have cosmetic surgery to reduce extremely big lips.