Steroid laws are different in each country. In some countries, using steroids is illegal. In the US, selling steroids has been made illegal of late. In countries like Thailand it can be purchased everywhere without a prescription. We can also see Hormone replacement therapy clinics for testosterone, insulin, HGH and winstrol. Many anabolic steroids like Nandrolene and proviron are very easily available just like groceries in all leading medical stores. Most of the Thailand steroid suppliers offer good quality steroids and have reputation of being in the industry for generations.

March pharmaceutical is a top rated Thai pharma company that produces steroids. They produce Testolic and Cypionax which are rated high in quality. British dispensary is also one of the best pharma companies of Thailand which produce “Thai pinks” anabols and hexagonal. Thailand steroid suppliers distribute them at a very cheap rate and at the same time, they are very strong and powerful. A small dose of 5 mg will give you very strong and massive muscle strength. British Dispensary also manufactures their anabolic in Bangkok.

Steroid availability in Thailand:

Steroids cannot be illegally sold in Thailand. A special department makes targeted site visits every now and then. Though they are easily available in all medical shops there are some places where you get quality steroids.

  • Sukhmit Street in Bangkok is popular in selling Steroids.
  • Tim’s pharmacy in pattaya
  • British dispensary in Bangkok
  • Thai boxing gyms
  • Underground labs

Check for fake steroids which are readily available in the Thai markets. Danabol or Blue hearts is a fake version of Dianabol. Original Dianabol are light blue and heart shaped tablets whereas faked ones are black in colour. We can also make out faked ones with their address. Original ones have the address 72/2 Taskin road as address and fake ones have 12/2 as address.

Best quality steroids in Thailand

  • Oxymethelone, one of the best products in the world is sold by British dispensary in the name of Thai Androlic. This is of very high quality. Try enjoying its benefits with in a week’s of time.
  • Another top quality product also manufactured by British pharmaceuticals is Winstrol. This is sold in the name of Azolol in here. Stanozolol is one of the best drugs used by top sports people and fighters in Thailand.
  • Apart from the above, there are also reputable UGLs that produce them. Some of them are Meditech, pharmacom, Magnum pharmaceuticals. They sell some brands like primobolan, equipoise and superdrol.

Prices of steroids:

Steroids are very cheap in Thailand. They are as low as 700 baht (Thai currency) but their quality is something to be skeptical about whether they are of good quality or not.

D bal, the popular steroid brand is sold with the same name and the manufacturers claim that it is as natural as the original and of high quality. Price for this is quoted at 60 USD for 90 tablets.

Top 10 best sellers in Thailand:

T3 cytomel LA pharma

Clenbuterol 20 LA pharma

T3 cytomel SB labs

Nolvadex Astra Zeneca

Dianabol DS body research

Testoviron LA pharma

Cypionate LA pharma

Anabol10 British dispensary

Azolol British dispensary

Stanzol 10 LA pharma

Although steroids are available everywhere and in cheap prices it is not legal to carry them in Thailand. If you are caught with any in hand or smuggling them you will land up in jail. So be cautious when you are using them or dealing with them.