Perfect Haircut

Sometimes it can be tough for some guys to get the perfect haircut. Different reasons – such as bad stylist, weather changing, harmful hair care products – can take a toll on mane and turn your life into hell. Increase confidence with a fantastic hair condition and a new haircut, so check these helpful tips by the top specialists at the best barber shops in Manhattan.

#1 Choose the right barber

It can be hard, really very hard, but you need to go through this procedure. Check out Instagram and Facebook of different barbers and their works, read the comments. Don’t be afraid of asking questions about what haircut is suitable for you. Of course, you might be inspired by some pictures in socials, but good barbers know for sure what will look better on your head. They will match a perfect style and color for any face shape and tell you the best ways of mane styling and treatment.

#2 Use organic shampoos and conditioners

Every good barber will tell you that commercial hair care products can’t be beneficial for scalp and mane due to the high amount of different toxins, so if you want to make it radiant, thick and strong, you should replace them with natural organic products. Of course, they cost on $5-10 more, but what is more important for you – healthy mane or money?

#3 Blow-dry your hair

Some men are afraid of using different styling tools, but, if you want to have a perfect haircut, you should use a hair dryer. Buy a good one with a nozzle on end – it will make styling easier and comfortable.

#4 Pick the proper products for you

If you get this part wrong, hair will look different from what you want. Some products which your friends use can be unsuitable for you because every mane is different. Talk to the stylist and ask him or her for some pieces of advice on what pomades, sprays, and wax you should style your mane. 

#5 Style it regularly

Want to look perfect every day? Here is one tip for you – style mane every day! It’s not very hard to wash it in the morning and spend 10-15 minutes behind the mirror for styling (believe us, girls spend much more time for it and guess what? They look terrific and nobody died).

Stay confident and smart with a perfect hairstyle every day!