nutrition and healthy hair

Healthy nutrition is the first thing you should start with if you want to have a radiant, supple and soft mane. Our body is a complex organism, where everything is interdependent. For this reason, lots of different hair problems come from a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. Check out these best products for a faster and stronger hair growth, provided by the best Chelsea barbers NYC.

#1 Water
We consist of water on 80{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda}, so that’s why you should drink at least 8-9 glasses of fresh water every day and more if you do sports regularly. This simple tip can solve dandruff and scalp over dryness. Moreover, water makes facial skin luminous and moisturized. You need to avoid drinking some sweet drinks, such as packed juices, coffee, tea, and sodas because they can’t truly satisfy thirsty and can bring you nothing – just lots of sugar.

#2 Raw seeds
These guys are full of vitamins E and A, which help nails and hair grow faster. Eating only a handful of any seeds every day will provide you with a daily norm of these nutrients. You can add sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame seeds in salads and desserts as well.

#3 Tasty nuts
Almonds, cashews, Brazil, pine and other nuts are full of natural fats. It provides the scalp with deep moisturizing and helps to make hair more manageable. Make a healthy decision to eat some nuts for a snack instead of unhealthy fast food or chips.

#4 Avocados
So delicious, they provide you with fats and different vitamins. Eat an avocado per day, and you won’t ever suffer from dandruff of scalp over dryness.

#5 Green leafy plants
These nourishing products will hydrate your body from the inside and, thanks to cellulose, will help to remove the toxins from the organism. Add some kale, bok choy, spinach, turnip green or other green plants in a daily ration – and feel the result: the body will work properly, you will feel lightness and have lots energy. Healthy you always means healthy mane and facial skin.

Stay confident with a proper nutrition and healthy hair.