Stay confident with a clean and radiant face 

Nowadays, many things can take a toll on facial skin condition: inconsistent nutrition, weather changes, bad ecology, etc. Your face can suffer from pimples, acne, and flaking, but actually, there are so many ways to simply change it and help your skin stay soft and radiant all the time. Check out, these great super simple recipes of homemade scrubs for any type skin provided by the top specialists at the best barber shops NYC.

#1 Coconut oil + sugar

Suffer from an over dried and flaking skin? It means that your body is dehydrated. You should understand that face is an indicator of inner health, so if it looks dry – just try to drink more fresh water everyday moisturizing skin naturally and remove the flakes with this super organic scrub. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of sugar. Gently massage face and then wash it with warm water. Coconut oil will deeply moisturize skin and sugar remove all flakes. Apply the scrub 3-4 times per week, and you will solve the problem!

#2 Cocoa oil + ground coffee

Lots of men have acne, and sometimes they don’t think that it can be something wrong, but actually, it is. Acne is a result of a whole body toxication. If you want to solve this problem – you should start from nutrition and eat less fried, salty, and fatty dishes. The next step is to clean face with the following scrub: combine a ½ cup of a warm cocoa oil with a ½ cup of ground coffee. Don’t forget to apply the mask 3-4 times per week if you want to see a faster result.

#3 Olive oil + tea tree oil + sea salt

If your face produces too many natural fats, you can use this natural remedy: combine a ½ cup of olive oil with a ½ cup of a sea salt, add two tablespoons of a tea tree oil. Apply the mixture on face, gently massage and rinse it with cold water. Sea salt will remove the oils and dry facial skin, tea tree oil will refresh and dry it, and olive oil will calm and deeply moisturize it. Apply the scrub every evening before going to bed until you solve the problem.

Stay confident with a soft and healthy facial skin!