Blog, an informal way of expressing ideas in the internet world and one of today’s sources of information, have produced hundred thousands of article related to relationship issue. It also provides advices which involve online relationship, by-product relationship produced by the power of technology.

Relationship counsellors at know the essence of inspiration in a relationship. And relationship blogs are one of the best sources of inspiration. Relationship blogs merely contains procedure, tips and trivia about love, commitment, divorce and other relate topics.

Here is a list of top 9 relationship blogs and see for yourself on what is the best one for you.

  • “Love= Mc2 by Science of relationship”

This blog uses a funny approach to the world of the relationship. It comes from the insights of five psychologists with their amazing guest blogger.

  • “Love, loss and lessons learned by My Pixie Blog”

This was originally created by Charlotte. This blog specifically gives advices and relates it on how much you love men the way you give love to foods. It is also being tackled in this blog the different factors one relationship should aim for in very truthful way.

  • “Stop the Miseducation Realistic Relationship“

This site is created by Guy Blews, an expert when it comes to relationship. The author thought before his marriage that something is wrong with him. The author, who also wrote “Marriage and how to Avoid it”,  feel sure of his beliefs in relationship but then gives the people the possible scenario into real situations in real life can be.

  • “Love is just around the corner by love in 90 days”

Dr. Diana Kirschner, a bestselling author and at the same time a psychologist features the road map of the risk of relationship with this techie world. He also expressed his thoughts about relationship with “How Darlene got over with his Narcissistic Ex” and “Dating Success over 40”.

  • “An extraordinary love , an extraordinary by love relationship coach”

Lyndra Antonson, carried out her insights and a number of advices for those committed couples and also for those who still searches for their right partner. One of her feature articles were “Life Lessons from our Dog” that brought new perception when talking about loyalty and love, and pointers from”how Your Self Confidence can Make or Break your Relationship ”  that gives a full packed of advices and techniques in building your self-confidence.

  • “Blogging- a woman’s way By BlogHer”

This includes “Striking the Balance Between ‘Me’ and ‘We’”

  • “Everyone can have a happy ending by project happily ever after”

It is originally created by Alisa Bowman. It offers a great range of selection of articles that talk about dating. The main focus of its content is searching for Mr. Right and how to keep him.

  • “What men really think by Seriously maybe”

It mainly exposed topics about cheating, pet peeves and playing the field.

  • “Building strong relationship by Relationship Repair”

It focuses on commitment and digging deeper in the relationship resulting it to grow. It provides pieces of advice such as being honest during dating process down to choosing over fear.

And that’s it. Everyone has their own criteria in choosing so it is better to leave the rights on you in picking the best one. Seek the help for a professional relationship counselling Bella Vista from Colleen Hurll to keep your relationship sailing well.