Cannabis has become legally acceptable to most of the states. Thus, the use of cannabis for various purposes has also got increased. One of the common ways of using it is for pets’ treatment. Lots of pet owners have also tried to get advantage from CBD oil. Arthritis, pain and depression- everything may be treated with this oil. However, there are differences in the CBD oil products, found in the market. This CBD may be derived from hemp or marijuana, and it causes the major difference in the content.

What are the differences found in CBD contents of various products?

  • Though the look of two plants is different, you may not find much hereditary variation in them.
  • Throughout the year, you may find the growth of hemp, and thus, it is useful for agricultural and industrial needs.
  • The buds and blossoms of marijuana are best for smoking purpose and for having cannabinoid. These are short sized plants, looking like bushes. However, industrial standard hemp is very tall in height, and their fibers are also useful.
  • The minimal level of THC in hemp is good for CBD production. Marijuana has high THC percentage for the analgesic and psychoactive effects. Though both CBD and THC can be called as cannabinoids, they are not much similar in every way.
  • For using medical-grade marijuana, you have to find its legality in your state. It is also essential to consider the condition for which it is to be used. However, CBD from hemp is accessible very easily. You may also buy it from a variety of places. This CBD is safe for the users.
  • Hemp CBD for animals is always FDA regulated, and it acts as one of the nutritional supplements. It is not like recreational and medical marijuana, available in the stores. Both these types of marijuana products need strict guidelines to be followed.

While you are making a decision on whether to buy marijuana or hemp-derived CBD, the latter one is the better option. For any dietary product, you may better start with a lower dosage. Buy it for your pets or other users, and you can choose lotion, tincture or edible form. Many pet owners have purchased CBD for their cats and dogs, and they have also realized the value of this oil. You may also treat your dog with the right CBD amount.