Yes, you can really get your hair to a mermaid-worthy length. The only thing you should do – follow these simple pieces of advice from the best hair stylist at hair salons in New York City.

#1 Cut or not to cut?

Did you know that your hair can grow up to 6 inches per year only? Due to this fact many girls don’t cut their hair what is a big mistake. You must refresh your ends every 2-3 months to prevent extra dry ends. After such procedure, your stresses will grow much faster and also look healthy and gorgeous, so remember that scissors are your friend.

#2 Oil treatment

Sometimes your hair is over dried and all you need just to add some natural treatment for hair growth. Mix a cup of unrefined coconut oil with one tablespoon of almond, macadamia, and jojoba oils. Put on a plastic hat and wrap it with a bath towel. Wait approximately 2 hours and then use a daily shampoo to wash your tresses. After regular treatment, your hair will have a needed amount of natural fats to grow faster. Your hair will be shiny and supple as well.

#3 Avoid heating

If you want long hair – just avoid using a hair dryer and iron. Try to make a bun, braid or a simple ponytail instead of fashionable styling your hair with an iron and hair dryer – these tools over dry your locks through the whole length. If you can’t do this, just try to set them on a lower setting. Did you know that water boils at 250 degrees while iron and hair dryer work at 450 degrees? At least once per week give your hair a break and let it air dry.

#4 Cold water helps

Do a cold water rinse after each shower – for a few seconds is enough. It prevents moisture loss, snags and heat damage;  moreover, it helps to enhance blood flow to your scalp and promote faster hair growth.

Don’t forget to follow these recommendations on a regular basis, because only this way you will have long and healthy tresses.