Summer is coming, and you have no idea how to maintain your hair? Check these simple ways to take care of your hair properly during the summer season.

hair during summer

#1. Change washing habits

If you want to take care of your hair properly, you might need to change some of your regular maintenance habits. Summer brings an unbearable heat, which makes us sweat more and makes our hair oily faster, so you should start shampooing your hair more often!

#2. Maintain moisture level

Optimal moisture level is the main prerequisite of healthy hair. Proper hydration is even more important during summer season because we sweat and lose moisture more than during any other season of the year. First of all, you should drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Second of all, you should provide your hair with rich hydration.

#3. Keep your hair fresh

As we’ve already established, our hair becomes greasy very quickly due to an awful summer heat. What should you do if you have no time to shampoo your hair? No panic because there is a way out! New York barbers recommend dry shampoo as an instant remedy for oily hair. Just add some product to your roots, and your hair will feel fresh again!

#4. Block harmful UV rays

The summer season brings super sunny and hot days making us feel happier and more optimistic. It’s important to be aware of the sun radiation, which is harmful to human’s organism as well as hair. That’s why you should wear a hat each time you stay in the sun to ensure thorough UV protection. 

#5. Protect your hair in the pool

When the temperature starts rising, we start rushing to the swimming pools to cool a little bit down. Pool water contains different chemicals, which can have a negative effect on our hair. The best way to protect your hair from nasty chemicals is to wear a swimming cap. You should also rinse your mane with clear water before and after swimming. 

#6. Use clarifying shampoo

Chemicals from pool water, dirt, dust, residue from hair products, oil from excessive sweating create a nasty buildup on your scalp. It’s not supposed to be there, that’s why you should eliminate it with the help of a clarifying shampoo. Clarify once a week for your scalp and hair to feel comfortable!

Follow these simple tips and make your summer perfect!