Changing your career can be an intimidating thought. You may think that your current job is not providing you the job satisfaction that you seek and that is why you wish to switch your job. On the other hand, you may think that your new job would require new skills, which you do not possess at the moment. In such cases, you often ignore the fact that you might possess some transferable skills and will work in your favour.

Transferable skills are a set of those skills that you possessed and made use of in your former job, which can also be used in your new job. If you correctly identify these transferable skills in you, then you can be quite confident about yourself. In addition to this, it will help you search for a iti govt jobs in a related field where your existing skills will help you get an edge over others.

Here are 5 useful tips to identify the transferable skills for those who wish to change their career:

  1. Consult a Career Counsellor– You can also seek help from a career counsellor. Professionals in counselling jobs will be able to provide you with a better evaluation of your skill set and identify those transferable skills.
  2. The Objectives of the New Company– The first tip is to identify the objective of the new company where you wish to apply. You must correctly interpret what are the goals of the company and what is the job description of the profile for which you are applying. You must also have prior knowledge of what skills and requirements the company is looking for in the employee for this designation.
  3. Identify Your Own Skills– The second tip is that you must be aware of all the skills that you possess. You must begin assessing your skills by going through all the work experience that you have acquired so far and what are the operations and tasks that you are responsible to carry out in your current job and previous job if any. Then you must classify your tasks into the required skill sets and once you are done, you can compare these skills with those that are required for the new job. Those skills that meet the requirements of the new company are the transferable skills.
  4. Take a Closer Look at Examples– When you understand the requirements of the new company try and take examples into consideration. You can think of examples of tasks that will need to be executed. Now you can think of similar examples where you have actually performed similar tasks. This will help you know that you have the transferable skills that can be used.
  5. Get Feedback on Your Skills– Not everyone is able to access their own skills and decide whether their skills are up to the mark for the new job profile or not. In these cases, you can ask a close colleague or a senior to provide you with some feedback about your skills and the contexts where they can be used.