Losing those extra pounds from your body, simply by portion control and exercise can indeed be a challenge. This is why health enthusiast often resorts to appetite-curbing steroids like Duromine as a ‘shortcut’ to having great body. In fact, even doctors do not hesitate to recommend it for patients suffering from very high Body Mass Index.

But just as it is the case with any other steroids, even Duromine comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages.


General Side Effects

Of course, abusing just about any type of steroid is not safe for everyone. But fortunately enough, under judicious drug administration, you will find its side effects are very common. For example, you can feel a bit of dizziness, giddiness, dry mouth, hives and slight redness on skin. You can also suffer from a little bit of constipation during the first few days of usage. Other spinoffs include general weakness, digestive problems and apathy for food. No matter how ‘minor’ the indications appear to be, make sure that you contact your doctor if problems persist.

Serious Side Effects

Very rarely you are likely to suffer from side effects due to drug interaction. This might stem due to a number of reasons. This might include drug interaction with certain pre-existing health problems or your system’s inability to adjust with the concerned drugs.  You can suffer from allergic reactions, or even constantly suffer from breathing issues and tightness around your chest region. You can also develop severe hives on your body, swelled tongue and itchy lips. In rare cases, you can also suffer from sore ankles and swollen face.

About Mental Disturbances

Girls! You need to think twice before taking Duromine as it might affect your menstrual cycles. Consequently, you can develop a sense of irritability, aggressiveness in thoughts. This can come along with contrasting feelings of depression and mood swings. That being said, phentermine-based steroids like Duromine are not safe for everyone. A number of studies have also proved that people who take this drug often becomes hyperactive. At times, they have a feeling of either extreme happiness or sadness. However, usage of Duralomine is generally safe, provided you stick to the drug administering protocols.

Your Chest Health

Apart from extreme dizziness, it is not impossible for you to suffer from pounding heart and nausea. If you feel them regularly, then chances are that it is affecting your cardiovascular health, as well. So if you suffer from any of these indications, make sure that you rush to your health care provider without much ado.  It is common for phenternmine users to go through shortness of breath, insomnia, constant tremor, along with severe headache. It is common for users to suffer from palpitation and seizures. This can, as a matter of fact, can accompany with just about any of the symptoms that you have just read about. That being said, phentermine increases the risk of cardiovascular issues to just about anyone. You can also feel like fainting at times. If that happens for some reason or the other, then make sure that you seek emergency help from your health care provider.