The Human Resource Management (HRM) team is as much a stakeholder in the human resource management process as any other entity – be it employees, leadership or other teams – within the organization.

The HR department will benefit in the following ways through the implementation of online human resource management system software in the modern-day organization:

Automated recruitment: Cloud-based HR software can do away with these issues through the use of various features, such as workflow automation, integration with web-hosted career sites, automation of pre-screening processes, and more. The result is a faster, more effective and more organized job that improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and, in turn, satisfaction of the HR team.

Template-based letter generation: A host of letters such as appraisal letters, joining letters, address proof letters, salary certificates, confirmation letters and experience letters are to be generated by the HR team in any organization. The department breathes easy when online tools, which allow the use of template-based letter generation techniques, are introduced. This means no more redundant letter writing, and letter generation in a few easy steps. What’s more, online tools make any amount of customization possible too.

Better communication: Online HRM tools make communication with all or selected employees much faster and easier. This is achieved through features such as mass mailing, bulk document upload, publishing forms and surveys in real time, bulk SMS, etc. Employee engagement initiatives too become easier to organize, roll out and evaluate through the use of online HRM tools.

Reduced HR intervention: Online HRM tools include features such as a help desk which can be used to raise queries/ issues to various teams within the organization. This means reduced intervention from the HR is called for to answer/ resolve these queries. Also, leave related transactions will be managed between employees and their managers with near-zero intervention of HR.

Error minimization: Automation leads to the total elimination of human errors. Commonly seen errors such as copy-paste errors stop appearing in the HR team’s work. Other less advanced but commonly used tools, such as spreadsheets too throw up a number of errors – reference errors, formulae errors and more. Do away with these by opting for an automated, online tool.

Time and effort savings: This is the ultimate takeaway for the HR department from online HR management tools. Time-consuming transactional HR tasks, such as employee information management, query handling, payroll inputs, leave management and attendance management are managed efficiently by automated online HR tools. This frees up the HRs’ time for more strategic tasks.

Automated time and attendance management: Time and attendance is an area that consumes much of an HR’s time when traditional systems are used, thanks to various queries, the need to organize highly disorganized data and to keep on top of each leave taken, granted or revoked. All these areas are addressed effectively by online HR tools. Worth mentioning here is the employee self-service portal or ESS feature of these tools, which gives employees direct access to leave and attendance information and transactions, thereby reducing the HR’s workload considerably.

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