Lately, Instagram is the world’s best social media platform for marketers including for the Search Engine Reputation Management team. Since 2016, ads on Instagram itself have jumped over 22 per cent. This social media platform is more visual and it focuses on building communities around specific demographics than a social media site like Facebook. Instagram is always growing 5x faster than any other U.S. social media network.

Now Instagram is starting to crackdown on marketing bots meaning the random people that are commenting on your pictures. These are called auto-marketing bots which are in place from third party bot companies which can comment on photos across the social network and they target specific hashtags, the bots leave non descriptive comments in order to try and get a follow back from their user demographic. Also, this means that there will be fake followers removed as well, fake comments generated by bots and more spam deleted.This means you’ll lose all of your fake follows since Instagram is now picking up the fake followers and the bots from third parties. When the search engine reputation management services heard about this they were quite content since the amount of times you have fake profiles following you and commenting on your social media is ridiculous. Who would even waste their time creating fake profiles along with paying a third party bot company, it’s so time consuming to just create a real profile and comment on people’s pictures you are actually interested in.

Follower counts also don’t mean much compared to engagement rates and the increase in the followers that a bot can pull is likely due to others bots themselves. When third party bots come in, they attract other bots as well. Now Instagram will be known to level the playing field for the Instagram marketers who are earning their followers and engagement the honest way.