On the one hand, the style changing is a very simple thing, on the other hand, most of the men aren’t ready for a big changes in their life. If you really want to ‘rebrand’ yourself and really look handsome, you should totally check out these tips from the top specialists at the best barber shop NYC.

#1 Hair

Style changing begins with hair, you can totally look like another person if you grow a beard or mustache. Brutal looking befits all men and that’s a fact; owing to testosterone, your hair grows and that attracts women by the genetics.

#2 Rebuild your wardrobe

You should totally have 3-4 styles of clothes in your wardrobe. Classic suit for datings and official parties; trainers for jogging and workouts; a casual pair of jeans and T-shirts and shirts. This simple tip will give you an opportunity to choose the style for each day; furthermore, you can combine the clothes to make your unique style, for example: wear casual jeans with a classic jacket – stylish and simple in the same time.

#3 Accessories

A simple hat, glasses, socks, badge or bag can bring a specific note to your look. While shopping don’t be shy about asking for an advice, consultants, especially women will help you to find the best things which will suit your look for 100{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda}.

#4 Shoes

Did you know that the shoes are the first thing every woman notices? You should get rid of your old trainers and shoes from 2007 and buy 2-3 pairs of new. Buy a pair of white and two-three pairs of gray and black shoes and trainers. These colors will suit to all the clothes and give you an opportunity to combine them with everything, and your feet will have the rest as well.

#5 Inspiration

Follow your favorite style icons on Instagram and Pinterest, save the picture of their looks and try to repeat in your daily life. It’s not shame, such simple tip will help you to discover your personal taste of fashion.

Don’t forget to share your looks in Instagram and depending on likes understand what people like and don’t like.