Agoraphobia can be a serious problem. It can have a negative impact on social life, making it very difficult for those with the condition to meet people, leave their home or live a ‘normal’ life. A certain amount of anxiety is perfectly normal. We all feel anxious at some time or another, but when it gets to the point that you find it difficult to leave the house or feel so overwhelmed, you may be suffering from agoraphobia. Attending university can be a huge challenge and the simplest of tasks can seem like a huge endeavour. Here are our top tips which can help you attend the library and get the most out of your studies:

1.      Ask

Depending on the severity of your agoraphobia, you may be more comfortable around small groups of people or small spaces. When looking for a university there are some questions that you could ask yourself such as whether you are comfortable with the amount of people that the library can accommodate, can you cope with the standard class size or can you imagine yourself being comfortable and at ease on campus and in the designated study areas? You might also want to speak with a member of staff at the university as they can help you.

2.      Surroundings

Take the time and give yourself the opportunity to adjust. You will need to become accustomed to the environment, the crowds and the people. If this is something that you cannot do and it will vary depending on the severity of your agoraphobia, try to ignore everything. Focus on your studies and essay writing, put on some headphones and choose the quietest area of the library which will take your mind off the people and your surroundings, helping you focus on what is important: your studies. Music can also help you adjust and help you relax and forget about your surroundings.

3.      Make a Friend

Even if you are not speaking with everyone, make sure that you make at least one friend. They can help you refocus your mind so rather than thinking about the people, the surroundings and how daunting everything is, you won’t feel as alone and isolated. It may even help when you are thinking how to write my dissertation. Your friend can also help you in more ways that you can imagine; making what seems like a huge and impossible task, more manageable and not as scary as you might think!

Spending time in the library is a key part of your studies. Don’t let your agoraphobia affect your studies. You can always seek assignment writing support to provide additional help if you need it. You will be surprised at how much support there is.