Lighting is extremely important when you are hosting an event. One of the main things that lighting creates is atmosphere and ambience. What you want to achieve will be determined by the use of lighting at your event. You want to be able to create the best design, using lighting, to make your event one that guests will not forget very soon. Here are a few of the ways that you can customize lighting to suit your specific needs.

Gobo Lighting

A Gobo is a beam of light that has a metal stencil placed over it, which creates a pattern. These patterns can be any design you choose. Gobo’s are projected onto the areas you wish to focus on (floors, walls and ceilings). Not only can gobos visually transform your event, they are also a great way to promote your business/brand.

Gobo’s are very flexible and can be projected onto almost anything. They work well for many different types of events from weddings, to conventions and galas.

Pin Lighting

Pin lighting is a great way to direct attention to specific areas of your event. Use spotlights to transform centerpieces, table settings and other decor elements into fantastic art pieces. Pin lighting provide separation from dark table clothes and centerpieces, which allow the pieces to almost “pop” out.

Light Shows

Creating a light show is a super fun way to grab the attention of those attending your event. Light shows are normally combined with Uplighting and using gobo’s, but light shows alone will provide constantly flashing and moving lights due to the fact that an engineer (lighting) will create a show specifically designed for your event.

Many times, lighting shows will be used before speeches or awards ceremonies at corporate events. It is a great way to keep the crowd quiet and raise their excitement. Lighting shows are often also used for high energy concerts and galas that revolve around dance. Light shows are definitely something that most people will remember for a while to come.

Logos in Lights

There is no better way to keep the attention on your brand! Use gobo’s to promote your event or company. Placing logo lights in strategic places around your event venue is one of the best ways to keep your guests focused on what you want them to notice.


Uplighting is another great way to create a unique atmosphere at an event. Rooms can tend to look rather bland if perimeter lighting is not used. Using uplighting is especially important in venues such as a conference center, empty ballroom or gallery which usually look very bland without lighting and colour. You need to take into consideration that these types of venues are boring and lack character right from the start, which is why it is so important that you create the much needed ambience with decor and lighting. You need to catch your guests attention as they enter the room, and this is a sure way to do that.

Draping and Backdrops

Backdrops and draping is a technique that is usually used to camouflage/hide anything that could distract people away from your event design. Backdrop lights normally tend to bounce attention to anything that is in front of it. Using up lights on your backdrop is a wonderfull way to spice things up, as it has the ability to create a colour wash onto the backdrops, which makes it more visually appealing to the eye.

These are 6 ways to use lighting at your event, making sure it is a show stopper!