In order for any company to grow, they need to reach more customers. Getting more customers can be a job which is why so many business owners turn to marketing firms who have experience. Let’s look at the different types of marketing agencies that are available for you to hire.

inbound marketing agency

Branding Marketing Agency 

This agency, if you haven’t guessed it already, is specifically geared toward growing your brand name. They will help with logo creation, signage, and many other outlets to make sure your brand name becomes widely known.

Full Service Marketing Agency 

This type of agency offers a slew of marketing tactics including, product promotion, marketing research, commercial creation, and media planning. These bigger companies cover all the areas of marketing you may need.

There is a catch, which is they tend to come at a very expensive cost. The full-service marketing agency does everything that all other types of marketing agencies do. This makes it easier for you, as the client, because you don’t need to worry about hiring multiple marketing agencies. Typically, only large-sized companies can afford this option.

Promotional Agency 

This type of agency works to create different campaigns that will bring you more customers. Some examples of these include loyalty programs, coupons, packaging, and merchandising displays. If you don’t have a marketing department at your business, then hiring a promotional agency can help to get the work done.

Digital Marketing Agency 

These agencies focus primarily on the internet side of your business. They will help to build your website, build your brand awareness online, and get you leads. This can be done through SEO, PPC, and other marketing methods.

Each digital agency is typically an inbound marketing agency that will work on bringing customers into your realm. They do this through creating engaging content on your social media platforms and websites. The idea is to bring customers in and keep them entertained until they decide to buy from you.

Direct Marketing Agency 

This agency focuses on marketing to the consumer, instead of bringing the consumer to you. They use outbound marketing tactics such as email marketing, contacting existing databases, and SMS marketing.

Advertising Agency 

This is what most people tend to think of when someone suggests the use of marketing. Advertising agencies specialize in the use of media to market a business. This can be through television commercials, online advertisements, radio, billboards, and other methods.

The main goal of these advertising companies to get to their business clients exposure to the public. They do this by enticing audiences with interesting concepts and ideas.

Public Relations Agency 

These agencies are devoted towards taking care of your media presence. They will interact with the media at certain events and at times when crisis communication is necessary for your business. These firms typically are on retainer with most businesses as their services are not needed all the time.

Design Agency 

What does design have to do with marketing? Everything. When you hire a design agency they take care of your marketing advertisements that are displayed online and offline. If your advertisements are the run-of-the-mill boring that every other business uses, you aren’t going to be able to catch new customers.

These design agencies solely focus on creating unique images for your business that will drive new customers through the doors. This should be at the base of all your other marketing efforts. You need good creatives to market or no customers are going to be able to distinguish you from the rest.