Wearing sunglasses in summers is one way of keeping the eyes safe. There are tons of sunglasses to choose from. It becomes more confusing, when you are trying many sunglasses and having a tough time choosing one. Here are some key feature tips to look for when choosing the right sunglasses this summer.

Oakley sunglasses

  1. Plastic or Glass: Basically sunglasses come in two main variations of Plastic and Glass. A Glass made is quite heavier compared to Plastic ones. If you’re having sensitive nose and headache problems then Plastic ones are better for you. The plastic ones get scratches easily and then it becomes less wearable. Glasses one needs more care compared to plastic one. The Oakley sunglasses have a range of glasses to choose from. Just check out which one you would consider. If you’re having the habit of keeping sunglasses here and there then plastic ones should be your choice.
  1. Big or Small size glasses: Many of us tend to lure more for small glasses that goes with our face. But we need safety from sun rays and for this bigger sunglass is a better choice. It covers whole eyes providing utter protection from dust particles and hot winds. Bigger glasses are now in the trend and wearing it also makes a person look good. Small glasses are good but they lack in covering the eyes and it won’t be helping much while running or riding a bike.
  1. Shape criteria: When choosing the shape, the thing that has to be considered is that the glasses shouldn’t be too big or too small. The frame of the sunglasses should be matching your eyebrows. Even if did not matches the eyebrows then it should at least compliment it. The lightweight frames do not make the head to carry them all the time. The glasses are also meant to increase the good looks of a person and not spoiling them.
  1. The UV protection Scheme: The glasses that is going to be on the eyes needs to have guarantee UV protection. Some of the glasses say that they are having UV protection but only buying it from a good place ensures this quality. If the Glasses are not having 100{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda} UV protections then don’t purchase it. Try different glassware as there are many other options to choose from.
  1. The grip of Sunglasses: It summers the sweat one thing that will come while being out in the sun. With the sweat, the glasses become loose and fall down. The Oakley sunglasses have a solution for this with their Unobtanium material product. How much of the sweat is there, this material remains intact at its place. The working of this product is simply as it tightens itself to provide more grips. The material is light weight and feels like not wearing anything.