You were in your mind and did not realize you just pressed the delete button or pressed empty the recycle button. It is an awful feeling. And, if it is something substantial then you get that sickening feeling, realizing what you just did. Usually the solution is to simply restore the file from the Recycle Bin, but what if you have already emptied the Recycle Bin?

Fortunately, you might be able to recover deleted files without having to run to the market. Today, we are going to enlighten you with magic software known as EaseUS.

Why should you choose EaseUS?

On internet, if you type the epithet data recovery, numerous softwares will appear but there is one software, which has stood time- tested and has the most positive reviews by its users.

It is a software specially designed to help you in recovering the data which was accidentally deleted. This data recovery software can help you recover or undelete files on your computer system. You should know that the files you delete remain in your computer’s hard drive and just like a vacuum cleaner sucks out the dirt from deep corners, EaseUSalso sucks back the deleted files from the hard drive. It is not just limited to the computer system but it also helps in recovering the data from USB Drive, media cards, digital cards, flash drives, smartphones etc.

EaseUSis, without a doubt, the best free data recovery software available today. It is very easy to use and is more effective than any other freeware or premium file recovery program out there available.

data recovery software

One meticulous thing to note is that EaseUSFile Recovery has identified more files than most other tools, and has many most positive reviews by the users.

EaseUSdata recovery Wizard works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It has also available in a portable form for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is not only compatible with operating systems like windows, Mac, iOS but also Android functioning phones, plus iphone. And you do not have to worry about the language barrier, as it comes in 20 languages (multilingual). Also, once you have linked yourself with it EaseUS, it will stay ingenious and send you regular information about updates and up gradations of the software, so that you remain in touch. So, why chose anyone else but this user- oriented software. EaseUSData Recovery Wizard undeleted files from storage devices such as hard drives, iOS devices, memory cards, flash drives etc. And the cherry on the cake is that it also does partition recovery!

So, apart from numerous other benefits of EaseUSdata recovery software, here are some more to add on to your cart:

  • Time saving:It recovers lost data in no time. The process is very swift and efficient.
  • Economical:It is affordable and comes customized for basic services.
  • Versatile:They have solutions for every type of data loss and are dedicated to different formats and pathways.
  • Lifetime support and utility:Users can avail lifelong support and utilities after purchasing the software. The support staff is there to help you 24*7.