Oxymetholone comes with the trade name of Anadrol. It is one of the best strength and building steroid in the market. The steroid is consumed orally and comes in 50 mg tablets. However, it is one of the controlled substances in most countries, and can be hard to obtain.

Oxymetholone is a synthetic hormone produced during 1960s. It was released for the therapeutic goal to treat ailments like anemia, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal disease, and more. However, Oxymetholone gains are now mostly related to body enhancement. Even when the drug helps add red blood cells to AIDS patient, the maximum usage is incorporated by the power-lifters.

Anadrol works quickly – it can give you around 20 to 30 lbs within 4-6 weeks. However, it does come with side effects as well. The drug has a high anabolic rate and that makes it almost 3 times stronger than testosterone.

The drug is known to have a low androgenic rate and users must not be misled. When the drug digests in your body, it metabolizes as methyldihdrotestosterone and exhibits extreme androgenic tendencies. You also face some challenges with Anadrol. For example, it has a half-life of 8.5 hours and it retains water. It is also known to stress your liver. However, for athletic benefits, it is one of the preferred drugs in the market today.

Results Bodybuilding Gains

Anadrol is known to be the best strength and mass-building steroid in the market and that has remained in the last 50 years. The effect of holding onto a drug quickly is significant. Bodybuilders and easily add 20 to 30 pounds in this cycle within 4-6 weeks.

The main problem with Anadrol is that it heavily retains water if you don’t control it well. Athletes who use synthetic hormone usually avoid high-sodium food. However, high water weight can be crucial for athletes for 3 reasons – first, it leads to unhealthy spikes in their blood pressure, then the water-saturated muscles starts losing strength when the athletes cycle off the drug, and finally the bodybuilders particularly are interested in lean and muscular bodies.

For bulking up, Anadrol is the key steroid that you need to incorporate. It gives you body weight and the muscle tissues increase. It can be introduced any time during the cycle for jump-start gains. Many seasoned bodybuilders opt for few approached of Anadrol before their competitions. They use it for kicking off their first month of competition and training.

People with intimate knowledge on how Anadrol reacts in their physique might bring this into the final month. The process helps them have muscle mass while they follow extreme low-calorie dieting.

To accomplish the process, bodybuilders need masterful understanding on ways to control water retention. Most of them stop using Anadrol few weeks before they have their competition to let go of unwanted water weight. Thus, the Oxymetholone gains are swift and powerful. Since the drug has short half-life, it is good to consume it daily and also orally.