Waist trainers are used mostly to achieve a tiny waist and an hourglass figure. It is majorly used by celebrities who flaunt it at the slightest opportunity and women round the world are also going crazy about it. They all want to have that sexy curves flaunt by the Kardashian sisters and Jessica Alba.

Jessica once revealed in an interview that she used waist trainers for months after giving birth to her daughters to lose her baby fats. Women have now become engrossed with using waist trainers that they don’t pay attention to the danger that it may pose to their health.

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to lose weight via controlled diet and exercise and achieved the desired waist curve. It takes a lots of processes and persistent, and that’s why most women are tending towards using waist trainer which they believe will help them get the same result but with less efforts.

The ideology behind waist trainer is that if you wear it for a specific number of hours every day, your body will eventually transform into that slimmer figure and reduce the size of your waist.

Now the big question is what are the dangers of using waist trainers?

While there is no evidence to back up the idea that using a spot reduction will mould your body into a specific shape, there are proofs of its nasty adverse effects. Medically, it is not advisable and no scientific back up that the device has the capacity to burn fats.

The most common side effect of using waist training is discomfort with skin irritation. Putting on something that is too tight on your skin for long period of time will definitely irritate your skin and it may be accompanied with some rashes which may lead to infections.

Majority of the women that have used waist trainer have had to complain of experiencing difficulty in breathing. The device puts pressure on your stomach disrupting the proper functioning of your internal organs by pushing them to fit the shape of the trainer which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen you can inhale. It will squish your lungs and ribs, and this can make you to be short of breath and even pass out.

The waist trainer will affect the flow of blood in your body by the compression and the nerves around that will be affected. This could lead to numbness in your legs. Aside that, the trainer cannot shape your bones thereby leaving you with bones bruises as the trainer compresses your body.

Another danger pose by this waist trainer is that people using it are at the risk of acid reflux. By compressing your midsection, the device is also pressing on your stomach thus increasing your chance of heartburn and indigestion and in the long run can cause damage to the walls of the esophagus.