Locating ip address of a website or a server helps a lot when a user wants to bypass some essential security. Whether it is for fun or for learning, to know how to locate IP address is essential for everyone. For the start, if anyone thinks that it is very difficult to locate. Then the answer is that it is easy for anyone to locate ip addresses. Here are some simple steps to locate IP addresses:

  1. Check them online: This method works for anyone who wants to know the IP address for major websites and some others. Just type on any search engine like Google or Bing and type locate ip addresses. Either they will be having a list of various IP addresses or they will be having a box where you can search them. It works like a charm and does not break a sweat.
  2. Locating using Windows: This method only works if the website is not encrypted by Content distribution service or a VPN. Go to Command Prompt, For Windows 7 and later click on start and it opens. For windows 8 and 10 right-click the start button and then select it or click the windows button + R key. The next step is to type “cmd” and a new window will be opened. Now Use the common “ping (sitename.com)” and just press enter key. The IP address will be displayed on the screen and you can note it. Here are some commands that work in finding the real IP address.

“ping ftp.(sitename.com)”

“ping cpanel.(sitename.com)”

“ping mail.(sitename.com)”

  1. Locating using Mac: Open Network Utility, you will find this in the versions you are having or simple search for it. Click the tab named “Ping” and a new section will be opened. There will be a box to write the address of the website. You don’t have to type www. or http, just type the address name like xyz.com. Under the box, there will be the option of “Send only” in their type “1”. After this click the button next to it. It will send the data packet to the website and in few seconds the IP address will be displayed on a screen. There are other commands that can also be used:




  1. Locating using iOS: Check the store and download ping website applications. After installing the app open it and select ping function. Type the website address you are looking for without using www. and enter it in the box and click start or run button. The address once starts to display on the screen just click the stop button to stop finding more. Now note the IP address and it will only display those ip which is not protected.