There are over 1 billion websites in the world right now. Each website has some purpose and aims to attract a large audience. When a large number of people visits a website then that means the website is attracting large traffic. Large traffic means the website has great popularity. Hence, various companies looking to advertise their products contact these website owners and pay them for advertisement. This is how the websites earn. Also, to keep their website among the popular ones, the website owners try various methods. One of them is the SEO way.

guide to onsite SEO

Guide to onsite SEO

Now SEO is an amalgamation of offsite and onsite. But onsite SEO plays a major role in this. By SEO, one can optimize the search engine in such a way that their website name appears in the results. Now it can be done by paying the search engine or by going the unpaid way if the website is hugely popular, because then automatically it will appear as large number of people will enter the name on their respective search engines. Following is the guide to onsite SEO.

To go for the unpaid way, then first of all the content should be of good quality which satisfies the requirement of the customers. Sometimes even though the content is of great quality, due to the lack of marketing it remains underrated. To prevent this from happening one should adopt the Content Marketing strategy which includes Keyword Research, Content Strategy and Technical SEO.

In the Keyword Research, one must ensure to use Meta Title Tags and Meta Description. These are the HTML tags which help the search engine in understanding the purpose of your website. Other things which are important are structuring the URL into a short and attractive name, and implementing the headers tag across the entire website.

Content is the king and hence your website should first of all be user-friendly to attract traffic. Also, there should be internal links to improve the SEOs and image optimization as well.

Technical SEO is a bit tacky. It means you need your website needs to be properly structured, the website should be fast, no duplicate items uploaded, and most importantly regularly updated. One can use Google Analysis Tool to learn about the visitors. Page speed depends upon host and design. If it is slow then Google penalizing the website. Broken Link Checks should be done on a weekly basis and since the world is in a mobile age, it should be Mobile Responsive as well. For this Accelerated Mobile Pages shall prove to be handy as they ensure that the website in mobile does not load slowly and that too without giving up on ads.


If a website attracts traffic, then the owner also starts earning money through Ads. But there is a cut throat competition in this business. There major corporations who spend excessively on their websites. But usually, they end up compromising on the quality of the content. But if a website run by a person is great on quality content it can generate traffic using the SEO way. Customers tend to select the results that appear on the search engine. So if a website is good on Google rankings along with great content, no one can stop the website from getting popular and rich.