When people lose their teeth due to an accident are gum disease it can be quite traumatic. The thought of using an artificial apparatus like false teeth or Bridges can be off-putting for some people. It can also bring about tons of anxiety in regards to the types of Cements and Liners that are used to construct their new teeth. Anxiety for some people comes because they are concerned about the durability of their new teeth and whether or not theme basis that they are placed upon are going to slip or fall apart. Other people who have concerns about the types of sealants and Cements and Liners used in their mouth are generally health conscious and are worried about the ingredients used to make the them. The materials used to construct dental cements and liners are approved by the FDA and are deemed safe.

What is Dental Cement?

Dental cement is also known as Dental glue. It is used mostly for construction of crowns, and is made out of a mixture of materials including synthetic resins and powdered glass. A dental crown is constructed to fit over a tooth. The crown is adhered to abutment, which is attached to an implant connected to the jaw bone. It is dental cement which forms the base of foundation that keeps all elements in place.

What is the difference between temporary dental cement and permanent dental cement?

Temporary cement is generally used for temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are constructed to be used while the permanent Crown is being made. Dentist generally custom fit temporary crowns with a type of cement that they can break easily. Temporary crowns are usually made out of zinc oxide-eugenol cement, which is made from a combination of olive oil, zinc oxide powder and eugenol.

Permanent dental cement is reserved for permanent crowns. The materials used to construct them is made from glass ionomer, resin cements, zinc phosphate and resin-modified glass ionomer. These types of dental glues create permanent seals. This combination of materials is also used to create used in restorative dental procedures.

How do dentists choose the type of cement to use?

There are a number of considerations which come into play when a dentist is making the decision regarding which cement to use. For instance, certain cement chemically bond to stainless steel but not porcelain, and some cement are soluble indoor fluid and others are not. Other factors Kim and cruise whether or not a patient grinds his or her teeth at night and also the dental health history of the patient is also considered.