Vitamin C has many health benefits to the body ranging from ensuring the body maintains healthy tissue to strengthening the immune system and enhancing absorption of iron in the body. This brief overview looks into specific super foods that contain high levels of vitamin C. However, I would recommend the readers to visit as many related blogs as they can and do a complete search to establish a firm picture of what foods they should add in their diet.

Major Sources of Vitamin C

Chili peppers

According to research half a cup of chopped chili contains up to 107.8 mg of vitamin C.

Red bell pepper

A cup of rep pepper contains about 190 mg of vitamin C which is three time more that the vitamin in an orange.


Mangoes are a great source of vitamin C. They have about 122.3 mg of vitamin C. Mangoes are also known to boost immunity and keep the eyes healthy.


One cup of papayas contains 88.3 mg vitamin C. Papaya also helps in clearing sinuses, strengthening bones and brightening the skin.


Cauli can be steamed, mashed or roasted and it contains about 127.7 mg of vitamin C.


Pineapple not only contains 78.9 mg of vitamin C but also has an anti-inflammatory called bromelain.


Two fruits of kiwi contain 137.2 mg of vitamin C. Kiwi also contains copper and potassium.

Green bell pepper

A cup of green bell pepper is not only a source of fiber but also has high levels of Vitamin C of about 120 mg.


A single serving of kale contains approximately 80.4 mg of vitamin C. Kale also contains fatty acids and minerals.


Studies have indicated that broccoli not only has cancer-preventing properties but also about 132 mg of vitamin C.

Brussels sprouts

Studies show that Brussels not only prevent cancer but also high levels of vitamin C of about 74.8 mg.


A single cup of straw berries has about 84.7mg of vitamin C. These sweet fruits are also rich in folate and are known to keep the heart healthy.