Nutrition is important for your health and much of your success in life is dependent on it.  A healthy diet gives a healthy body and a sound mind. A healthy outlook not only boosts your confidence but also let you think positively.  Same goes true for your oral and mouth cavity, since it is your first impression extra care should be taken to ensure that your face and oral cavity is in good health. With this article we came up with some facts that will help you create a healthy nutritional plan for your oral cavity.

Eat a balanced diet- Prevention is better than cure and if you maintain a healthy balanced diet you will be able to enjoy a body that is sound and good. As per experts a balanced diet is a diet that contains enough portions of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water and roughage. But usually we eat a diet that contains more calories and less amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals.

This traditional way of diet should be changed and you need to have a diet that is rich in protein as it is the building block of our body and most of our biological processes are assisted by these proteins. To ensure this we need to include various kinds of pulses and peas in our diet.

Avoid sugars that are artificial- Food items like pastry, cakes, chocolates may be tempting but you need to know that these contain high amount of artificial sugars which are deleterious to our health. These artificial sugars alter the basic level of pH and temperature of our body and make it difficult for our enzymes to work properly.

Avoid Nicotine and caffeine– Substances like caffeine and nicotine are dangerous to our body and particularly for our oral cavity. One needs to create a life plan that is devoid of such kinds of substances that makes you addicted like cigarette, coffee, tea Instead of taking tea you can take green-tea that are beneficial to your health.

Include green leafy vegetables in your diet- Green vegetables are panacea to various ailments that generally we suffer. Thus if you include adequate amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet you can avoid much of your. A diet full of green leafy vegetables gives us required amount of nutrition like minerals and vitamins that are essential to our life.

Maintain adequate amount of water in your body- Water is one of the most fundamental things after oxygen that our body needs adequately. Most of our biological activities are dependent on water (H2o) and thus we need to drink as much water as possible.

Visit oral and maxillofacial expert occasionally- To ensure a safe and healthy oral cavity you need to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon occasionally. However, with the growing number of such surgeons t is important for individuals to choose only experts like dr haithem elhadi who has been working in this domain for a long while.