We’ve all either witnessed or imagined the hustle and bustle of Times Square, New York City: the sounds, the people, the larger than life neon signs, the lights. It’s both excites and overwhelms with noise and color and hundreds upon hundreds of neon signs. Everywhere you look, there’s another eye-catching ad, a show of brightly lit colors, or a crowd of people shouting at you or to you. There may not be another place quite like this.

And we expect this of New York.

But while the feeling of urgency and intrigue is so unique to Times Square, neon signs are not just a thing for busy metropolitan streets or well-placed catch-your-eye advertising anymore; in fact, they’re showing up in perhaps some of the most unexpected places you could think: the office, the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room – in short, in interior design.

What was once a place for minimalism, the less the better, is now seeing an uptick in neon. In fact, to say that neon has only exploded in lighting wouldn’t be completely correct. Sports attire, street attire, and, in reality, the entire fashion industry has taken neon for a spin as well. But, again, we expect this of the fashion industry, with its ebbs and flows and the way it constantly keeps us guessing. But we don’t necessarily expect to see its influence popping up in our homes.

What’s even more surprising, and surprisingly good looking is the way that neon letters are replacing marquee letter lights as the go-to in fresh office places. With such a variety of colors, shapes, and fonts, it’s no wonder nearly anyone can get on board. Lights can be subtle to bold, speak in inspirational phrases or shock and awe. It’s human nature to want something that speaks a little more loudly, a little more brightly.

But whatever the occasion, neon lighting is an easy and beautiful way to bring a little more hospitality into your home, office, or home office. In design terms, this is clean lines meets maximalism, but in plain terms? It’s lighting done right.

Still, if the trendy effects and unique uses don’t allure you, there are several other reasons to consider neon signs for your space:

  • Visually appealing (they’re warm and bright!)
  • Customizable (say what you want to say)
  • High visibility (unless you are in the center of Times Square, you will stand out)
  • Cheaper (in many cases these lights can be less expensive than other comparable varieties)
  • Environmentally friendly (neon as a gas, does not emit the same harmful radiations other lights can produce

And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of these gorgeous rooms for inspiration, you might surprise yourself!