Your guide to cold-weather work uniforms in Los Angeles.

cold-weather work uniforms

With winter in full swing, workers in industrial and other fields like security, energy and power, landscaping, public safety and telecommunications, are exposed on a daily basis to freezing cold temperatures—often for long periods of time. So, how can you ensure that your employees are protected and kept warm against the harsh weather? One way is by ensuring that they have the right cold weather work uniforms Los Angeles.

Making sure that your employees have the right outdoor uniforms helps improve employee morale and decrease lost productivity from sick days and injuries related to the cold weather. It also helps protect you against worker’s compensation claims. Purchasing outerwear that features your company’s logo or colors helps with brand recognition and safety, as well. If your employees routinely go into people’s homes to do work, the homeowners know that the employee is with your company if they are wearing a uniform.

In addition, when your employees wear similar outdoor workwear, this makes it easier to recognize them when you are on job sites with other contractors and businesses. This lets you know when your employees come into work or leave for break. Fortunately, there are many options for cold weather work uniforms depending upon your needs. Here are some of the best choices for cold weather outerwear for your employees.

  • Slash pocket jackets
  • Shop coats
  • Quilted jackets and vests
  • Jackets, both solid-lined and perma-lined
  • Cotton coveralls
  • Winter work boots
  • Windbreaker
  • Insulated parka jacket

The best choice in outerwear will depend upon your needs. Consider clothing that is durable and wind and water resistant. The most important thing to keep in mind is your employees’ safety and needs. Keeping them comfortable and safe in the frigid weather will help ensure that they stay productive and safe.

Where to Get Work Uniforms Los Angeles

You have several choices when it comes to winter uniforms for your employees. You can choose a uniform leasing service that provides outerwear to employees. With this service, your employees are usually responsible for washing the uniforms.

Some companies also provide rental uniform services where the company launders and manages the administration of uniforms. Often, this is a great choice for larger companies that do not want to worry about the arrangement of uniforms. It saves time and is often an eco-friendly option.

You can also outright purchase cold-weather uniforms. Many times, this is the most economical option in the long run if your business plans to involve outdoor work on a regular basis. Often, you can get discounts too for ordering in volume. Whatever option you choose for your winter uniform needs, make sure that your employees are fully protected.