Online Reputation Repair comments on Tiger Woods’ downfall in golf and in his personal life.

Despite Tiger’s reputation downfall in 2009, he slowly began to repair it and regain fans and immediate friends in his life’s respect. After admitting to having nearly a dozen mistresses and misbehaving as a father and a husband, the internationally recognized professional golfer was in for the worst. It had surfaced that the settlement between him and his wife would cost him big time. Before the media got a hold of his scandals, the pro tried to renegotiate a prenuptial agreement with his wife but that did not go very far. When it came down to it, Woods gave Nordegren $750 million worth of assets which included property in Swedan and in California. All of this would hopefully result in his ex wife keeping her mouth shut about her relationships with Tiger and everything that came out during his downfall. Thus far, that amount has been sufficient enough to keep her silent. To protect their kids, Woods also promised (signed an agreement) that he would not introduce his, at the time, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son to any other women on condition that he is not marrying them. However, if it was in Tiger’s best interest, he would not being seeing women at all.

That came into question for the media this Monday morning. This past Monday morning at 3 a.m in the state of Florida, Woods got arrested for a DUI. The golfer was driving recklessly when a cop pulled him over. When asked to take a Breathalyzer test, the sports celebrity declined. In the state of Florida, the decline to take that test results in an automatic arrest. This comes shortly after the golfer tried to return to the sport and did not succeed… at least he is not the Tiger he was once upon a time. Tiger used to be the best in the game. The legend had an impeccable reputation on and off the golf course. He was among the few golfers that could likely beat Jack Nicklaus’ Major Championship Wins record among many others.  

Dealing with this DUI, will Tiger’s reputation downfall ever stop? Stay tuned to find out what stories will surface next and if Woods can repair his reputation on and offline.