Matrimonial apps are slowly becoming the normal platform from which young men and women find potential partners for marriage. In Gurgaon alone, being India’s premiere technological hub, there are plenty of app developers who have conceived some of the best matrimonial apps in the country.

The Integral Link between Marriage and Matrimonial Apps

Finding and choosing the person whom you’d choose to tie the knot with is a key milestone in your life. This is all the more true in India where marriage is widely regarded as a sacred communion that two people make. Considering the sheer importance of your decision, shouldn’t the question of whether you’ll opt for quantity or quality for your matrimonial app have a ready answer then?

Well, for most young men and women that belong in GenY, this could prove to be such a dilemma, especially if they are to consider the different features that they offer. For their difference in features offered, though, in the end it all comes down to the question of whether it’s better to opt for a matrimonial app that focuses on quantity over quality and vice versa.

Quantity vs Quality When It Comes to Matrimonial Apps

But, first, what exactly is being referred if quantity and quality are mentioned with regards to matrimonial services and apps? Well, it so happens that there are plenty of matrimonial apps that tend to focus on giving users more prospective partners to choose from rather than concentrating on helping a person find other singles who would actually end up becoming a perfect match for him or her.  In short, quantity means more options but lesser assurances of finding a perfect match, while quality is essentially the exact opposite of it. That’s basically where the conflict between the two is primarily rooted.

Why Quality Should be Your Number-One Priority

One major issue of matrimonial apps that boast of offering plenty of options for you is that they are almost always lacking in terms of screening the profiles of anyone that chooses to sign up with their platform. More often than not, this only leads to disappointments and poor matchmaking altogether, or worse, even safety issues.

While it’s almost always better to opt for quality-centric matrimonial apps, in the end, your choice understandably would still depend on your preferences. However, this doesn’t erase the fact that there are matrimonial apps that actually go the limit of ensuring that their users would find someone that would fit their romantic inclinations. That alone should be enough to convince most users to always prioritize quality-driven matrimonial apps.

Perhaps, a simple reflection of just how important a life decision marriage is would do the trick as well. Because in the end, matrimonial apps are technically at a higher plane than dating apps. The former are developed without one-night stands or casual short-term hook-ups in mind at all. Rather, they are built to aid people in finding the person that they would be sharing their life with for as long as they live. A matrimonial app that prioritizes less than this is surely not deserving of such a title at all

Author Bio:

Niru Mehta is the Co-founder of Elizibles, a matrimonial app created specifically for people of Indian origin who value the non-intrusive but highly constructive involvement of friends and family. He is a serial entreprenuer, a coach of four technology start-ups, and a successful technology executive.