How to Do an Essay Fast

When you’re a student, you’re expected to write essays. It doesn’t matter whether you study science, mathematics, or literature. Papers are simply a major part of academic life.

The problem is, students are often busy. You may be assigned a paper that you have to write quickly. This can be very challenging if you also have other assignments that need to be completed. It can be particularly difficult to draft a paper efficiently if you’re not confident in your writing skills. If you don’t know how to sequence the process, you could waste a lot of time.

These tips will help you avoid that. If you need to write an academic paper fast, keep them in mind.

Decide on a Topic Idea First

Your first step when drafting a paper should actually be to decide on a topic. While the topic you choose must match the criteria of the assignment, it should also be unique enough to impress your instructor. After all, they read hundreds of essays every year. Choosing a strong, original topic is a smart way to stand out.

Choosing your topic before taking any other steps also ensures you know exactly what you want to write about once you actually begin drafting the essay. When you know what your overall goal is for your paper, you won’t waste time researching a topic that you ultimately abandon midway through the process once you realize it’s not strong enough to result in a compelling paper.

Conduct Research

Most academic papers involve making some form of argument. Your instructors will expect you to include research that supports your argument. You should gather all the evidence you need first before starting to write the essay. Once you have the evidence you need to make your case, the actual writing process becomes almost like filling in the blanks.

It’s a good idea to use various types of sources when researching your topic. If you include books, periodicals, and internet sources, you’re more likely to make a good impression on your professor.

Create an Outline

Creating an outline is one of the most important steps in writing an essay. With an outline, you won’t have to spend any time during the writing process wondering what paragraph to include next. You can simply follow your outline as a guide. This makes it much easier to write quickly. Again, your goal is to be as efficient as possible. You’re simply more likely to be efficient if you have an outline in place before you start drafting your essay.

That said, when outlining your paper, you may not be entirely certain how you should organize all the points you want to make in your argument. That’s why experts at Harvard recommend grouping your notes into various sub-topics.

For example, perhaps you are writing an essay in which you make the argument that humans have contributed significantly to climate change. Within this overall topic, there are subtopics you can focus on, like how a specific industry has contributed, how scientific studies indicate a link between human activity and climate change, how historical data supports your argument, etc. Group your notes into these subtopics and organize your essay accordingly. Each subtopic should correspond to a paragraph or set of paragraphs in your outline.

It’s also important to include what research you’ll be sitting in your outline. This way, when you’re actually writing your paper, you don’t need to struggle to remember which resource corresponded to which point. Again, it becomes as simple as merely plugging in the information already included in your outline.

How to Do an Essay Fast

Drafting the Essay

Once you have an outline, you can begin the process of drafting your essay. Because your goal is to get the work done quickly, you actually don’t need to worry too much about proper grammar or perfect formatting at this stage. While you should obviously make every attempt to write as well as possible, you should also remember that you’re going to be revising this draft.

Now you’re simply getting your ideas on the page. The next step involves making sure the final draft is ready for submission.


Now that you have the first draft, it’s time to read it again to check for errors. It helps to read it several times, focusing on different types of errors or issues each time.

One reading should be devoted to finding and addressing grammatical and spelling errors. The next should be devoted to addressing formatting issues. Finally, you want to go through the paper and try to find ways to make it more concise.

This is one of the most important points to keep in mind when writing an academic essay. Too many students make the mistake of assuming that instructors want them to write lengthy papers. This is actually not the case. Your professors want you to make your argument with concise language. Thus, it’s important to go through the paper and find areas where you can cut out unnecessary words while still making your overall point.

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