Living in modern houses, there are various problems that we usually face. Either the rooms are too small or too large. Huge rooms are boring. And the low ceiling makes the room feel too cramped.

You can’t magically change the size of your room. But what you can do is create an illusion using wall paint to make your rooms look spacious or cozy depending on your need. This is exactly what New Castles’ painters in Coquitlam BC have mastered.

There are quite a few tricks up their sleeves so that you can use simple wall painting methods and give your home the desired look. Let us look at these ploys:

How to make your room look larger?

It is quite well known that light shades make a room look significantly bigger in size compared to the darker tones. Using the brighter end of the colour spectrum, and providing lots of light in the room makes the edges less distinguishable.

Using this strategy, you can create an illusion of space in cramped areas. This happens mainly because light colours are more reflective than their darker counterparts. If you are a little doubtful about the strictly bright white and think that it might be quite boring for your room we suggest you use colours like different shades of off-white, peach, yellow and pastel shades. They can make your room look beautiful along with making it look most spacious.

Making your room look less long

The hallways of modern homes, apartment galleries, and office meeting rooms tend to be elongated in structure. This makes them look less than inviting and quite ominous at times. That certainly goes against our motto of having comfort in such places. There are a few maneuvers that come in handy at such times. Using warm tones can help make huge rooms look more cozy and comfortable.

Another trick is using light shades for the longer walls and a darker shade for the opposite walls. This makes the ages of the room more visible making it look shorter. Shorter rooms are less imposing and intimidating. Ideal colours for this combination ate earthy colours. You can use shades of brown, green and even navy blue to achieve this look. The combination that you can use are these shades along with their lighter counterparts. Additionally, you can also use combinations like pastel green-dark green, off white-brown, sky blue and navy blue.

Sometimes along with this method, hanging a picture or poster on the far-end wall might also help you achieve the desired look. These colours absorb light and give a compact look to the whole room.

The remedy for low ceiling:

Sometimes ceiling that is too low might create a suffocating atmosphere. This can destroy the whole aura of the room. But worry not this problem also has its own solution.

Use white for or such ceilings. Ideally, use brighter shades of white instead of off-white. This will help reflect the light from the walls making the ceiling look higher which will also make the room feel larger and brighter.

Other than these tricks, you can also try painting the beams and trims lighter than the other components of the wall to make it more dynamic and make the size of wall average.