Don’t know in what way you should style your mane?

Summer heat and burning sun make every guy think about changing his hairstyle to shorter one, what brings coveted coolness and freshness. Here is one interesting fact: professional stylists say that summer is the best time for some radical hair change, and worldwide statistic confirm this statement. According to last quiz among men showed that they cut their hair twice as often as in winter. Color changing experiments are also met more often during hot sunny month. Nevertheless, we have consulted with hair specialists at the best barber shop, NY in order to provide you with three main men hair trends of this summer.

For short mane

If you hesitate whether you need to cut your long hair off, or no, the answer is obvious – YES. Men knots are no longer in trend, unlike faded short hairstyles. Shorter hair in summer means less sweat, lower temperature and minimum exhausting maintenance. You can leave longer layers on top and shave your temples and back clean and neat. Creative gradation effect will make you look even cooler.

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For medium hair

Feel sick of knots and tangles, but still want to have long hair? Experiment with medium length. Such hairstyle will leave you some space for interesting hair decisions and provide you with a huge variety of styling options, bringing you long-awaited relief at the same time. The main task for you now is to keep your hair away from your face, so all possible slicked back images are for you. Don’t go too hard on gels and waxes, just a little bit of a salt spray or mousse and it is done.

For long shag

If you are a true fan of long hair and even extremely high temperatures and burning sun cannot make you cut your locks off, we have something interesting for you too. This summer you should embrace loose image and try to be as natural as it is possible. Just don’t forget to apply sun protective spray or serum every time you step out of your house.

Choose one of these trendy summer cuts for men, and style your mane with our tips.