There are several shaving mistakes men all over the world continue to do again and again. It is very easy to understand if you are doing something wrong. If you constantly experience irritation, redness and razor burns after shaving your face, you should rethink your morning routine! In order to take the best out of your daily shaving ritual, you should follow definite rules. Our professionals at barber shop in manhattan offer you three most typical shaving mistakes you should never commit.

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Absence of preparation

Poor preparation is one of the most common reasons of irritation and reddens you experience after shaving. If you are interested in smooth and harmless shaving, prepare your skin for it. Take a warm shower, improving the blood circulation into your skin and use some light exfoliator. You can buy it at the nearest shop or make it by your own, using products you have in your fridge.

Dull blades

The sharper your blades are, the better effect you get. If you use a dull blade, the only thing you will get is pain. Do you like pain? We think not! How often should you change your razor? Well, it depends on your skin type and hairs coarseness. Thick, long and harsh bristle require a new blade every single shaving. There is no way you can use your old one for the second time.

Cheap lathering

Here comes the thing you should never save on. Cheap remedies usually contain parabens, sulfates, alcohols and preservatives, which can seriously damage your skin and deteriorate you are typical after having problems. Chemicals can be especially pernicious for sensitive skin. In any case, it would be better for you to choose glycerin containing creams and soap, instead of gel and foam.  Apply it to your face with massaging moves and let your skin absorb the moisture. After a few minutes, you will notice significant changes.

Now you are aware of basic skin care rules you should follow while shaving. You shouldn’t neglect any of them if you want to get perfect gliding and long-term effect. Follow our tips, and look like you have just left a professional barbershop.