SHAB Square Blind Side Flat Flanges

Flanges for pipes are used to assemble one pipe with other using different components like elbows, tees, valves, and others. The Square Flanges are used and then are bolted, in this way several pipes are joined together. The most used Flanges are having the standard quality of JIS B2291. There are two basic designs that are used worldwide. These Flanges are manufactured from China and each product runs through a quality check.

  • SHAB Flanges: It comprises of two sides respectively of Oring side SHA and flat side SHB. Using the normal hex bolts the flanges are tightened up.
  • SSAB Flanges: It is just same as SHAB Flanges with only the slightest difference. The allan screw caps are used to tighten up the flanges. 

Different types of Flanges sets

1.     SHAB Square Complete Set Flanges

The standard size it JIS-B2291 with the size from 1/4 inches to 6 inches. It comes in a complete set with bolts. Just join the pipes and tighten up the bolts, the stainless steel finish has a SS316 quality check. It is built to hold the pressure range of 210Bar/21Mpa/210kg/cm2.

2.     SHAB Square Side Oring Blind Flanges

It is one side of a Square Flanges that is easy to attach with any other standard Flange of similar size. Available in sizes of 1/4 inches to 6 inches, made out of Steel of SF440A and Stainless Steel of SS316. It holds the pressure of 210Bar /21Mpa /210 kg/cm². After attaching the pipes just screw up tight and leave it. Make sure that the ringside comes in use for a perfect fitting.

3       SHAB Square Blind Side Flat Flanges

This is the flat side that holds up two pipes and aids in joining them. Built with the standard size of 1/4 inches to 6 inches, holds the pressure of 210Bar/21Mpa/210kg/cm². It has a specific standard of JIS B2291 and made out of Steel SF440A and Stainless Steel of SS316.

4     SSAB Square Complete Set Flanges

SSAB Flanges are having more protective layers and this quality makes it a good choice to purchase. Sizing is fit for 1/4 inches to 6 inches fitting, made out of Stainless Steel of SS316, range of pressure 210Bar/21Mpa/210kg/cm2 and Steel of SF440A. The bolts are of capsizing that requires a different tool to open and tighten it. These tools are hard to find and it makes it safer to use this Flanges.

Quality Check

All the Flanges run through a standard check to be used throughout the year. They had been checked with the standard pressure. Before the materials are sent they are inspected well and packed in a right container. When founded they are not appropriate to the needs then replacement is very easy to make.