As technology has advanced, nobody would deny that it has changed multiple industries. When it comes to the trucking industry, the advent of GPS technology has completely changed the way that the industry operates. The GPS system makes it possible for truckers and companies to track their miles remotely. It also ensures that companies and suppliers can keep an eye on their trucks and their inventory in real-time. When trucking companies are looking for a GPS system to use on their valuable fleet of trucks, there are a few qualities that they will want to keep in mind.

Does the GPS System Offer Real-Time Traffic Updates?

When it comes to the trucking industry, time is money. Truckers and their bosses will want to avoid traffic at all costs. Sitting in traffic leads to burning extra gas (and money) while also losing time on the highway. One of the benefits of many GPS technologies is the ability to see that traffic in real-time to avoid it before it comes up; however, not every truckers GPS provider has the ability to produce real-time traffic information. This is an important consideration to keep in mind. While these models may be more expensive, it is also worth the financial savings that companies will reap when they avoid that major accident on the road.

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How Long Does the GPS System Take to Sync Up with the Satellite System?

Just like every product, some GPS systems are faster than others. Some truckers GPS systems will sync up with the satellites immediately while other GPS systems can take forever to make this happen. Furthermore, some GPS models are prone to losing their signal en-route. This can create a significant amount of anxiety for the trucker and the company if they lose their GPS and the information it provides. Make sure to read some of the reviews of the product before making a decision. Reliability is important.

How Often Does the GPS System Need to Update?

One of the annoying aspects of many GPS systems is that they need to update constantly in order to remain accurate. This could mean downloading a new set of maps to reflect a change in the construction zone or simply having to download maps of certain regions that weren’t present before. This can significantly slow down the trip if a trucker has to wait for the GPS to finish downloading software before it will turn on. Make sure that this isn’t a major facet of owning that certain GPS model before moving forward.

There are several qualities that every company should keep in mind before deciding on a certain GPS provider. Take all of these factors into consideration before making an investment because this will be a major part of the company moving forward. Explore all available options before making a decision.