Everyone starting a business has the vision of one day having a successful enterprise. As much as it is crucial to have an idea of where you want to be 5, or 15 years down the road, this alone cannot guarantee success. There is a lot that will determine the journey the business will take. Key to note is that as an entrepreneur, you are solely responsible for the success of your venture.

Learning from those ahead of you is one way of making sure you are on the right path. Here, we check some of the things that have made Shailesh Dash not only a great entrepreneur but a role model to many budding business people all over the world.

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Have a Clear Vision of What You Want to Achieve

When you have a clear vision, you will be able to stay on track. As you start, things might not be so smooth; there are many obstacles on the way and setbacks. Determination will keep you going on even when negativity is all around you. Passion will also drive the vision. How far will you go to achieve what you want? When starting Al Masah Capital, as the founder reveals, it was not easy, but determination, a clear vision, and passion has seen the company rise to where it is today. How efficiently can you communicate your vision to the employees?

Just as it is essential to have a vision, an entrepreneur should have goals and a mission. The targets can be spread out into short-term and long-term achievements. This should not only be in your mind but on paper and if possible engraved on the wall where you cannot miss it. Communicate clearly to the employees so that they too may understand what their purpose is in the company.

Ability to Understand the Needs and Markets

Even with a vision, you should connect it to the needs of the market. For a successful business, you should be solving some problems people have. How can your abilities help others? When you are driven not by the need to make profits but to solve problems, you will manage to go further as a business. It is crucial that you realize when you touch and transform lives, marketing your business gets easier. Even when you have a great product, market research will help you understand the particular people who need it based on demographics, gender, age, preferences and style needs.


Most likely, what you are doing, someone else already started it long before you. This means that they have the upper hand in the market. Customers are more responsive to their business, which will make it harder for you to penetrate. To make it, you should be different. Study how your competitors conduct their dealings and learn their strengths and shortcomings. Make sure to capitalize on their weaknesses and keep on getting better. Clients will slowly start preferring your business more and sideline your competitors.

People Skills

As an entrepreneur, people are your strength. The more you have on your side, the faster your growth. For instance, Shailesh Dash manages over 50 employees. How does he do this? First, it is essential to understand that each employee has something unique he can bring on board to steer the company higher. Through motivation, delegation, teamwork and strong work ethics, the team ceases to be ordinary employees but an extended part of your family.

People skills do not only relate to the employees but to the clients and community at large. You should esteem the clients highly, solve any issues as soon as you can and always put their needs first. Deliver on your promises and stick to excellence, quality, friendliness, and honesty. Note that how you treat your clients and other people will determine how your staff will handle them as well.

You are a role model to your employees. High moral values, work ethics, and discipline cannot be overemphasized. You should be the first one to arrive at work, the last to leave and the first to get hands dirty when on a project. Just because you are the boss should not make you relax and supervise as others are busy. After all, it is your company and your vision. Also, you cannot do everything. Assign each team member specific duties and encourage them to try out new things. When everyone is involved, you will manage to accomplish more.

Confidence and Courage

It takes courage to start an enterprise. All throughout the years, it will take courage to make decisions, fight negativity and stay strong even when pressure is piling up from all corners. The first few years are hardest as you try to establish yourself in a competitive market. It takes courage to continue operating amid the competition, market demands, and other unforeseen obligations. Confidence in your abilities fuels courage. Having confidence that you will succeed no matter what is key to achieving your dreams. Also, being open-minded, as portrayed when Al Masah Capital was created is crucial. Believe that every opportunity can be a chance to steer the company ahead.

As an entrepreneur, you may tend to give the business your all. As much as this is important, you should also learn to relax, look back and celebrate the achievements. Work is just one part of your life. Spend time with loved ones, invest in a good workout regime and watch what you eat. You will not only live a more fulfilling life, but you will have more energy to accomplish more at work. Also, do not forget to involve the employees when celebrating the company’s success. Remember that without their input, you would not be where you are. When they are celebrated, it will motivate them to work harder to achieve more.

Business is simple but is never easy. This is a fact you will discover on the way to achieving success. Do not be afraid of failure. Just learn from the mistakes and walk on. Over the years, you will be glad you did it.