While Preparing for UPSC, you are often greeted with many options such as self study, studying with online material or offline coaching. Sooner or Later you have to approach the coaching centre for a finer and thorough preparation. Even if you want to go for self study, you need to stay with the right kind of people such as those with similar Interests. So, Here I am sharing some most common places for your preparation for UPSC.

Self Study

Any individual can prepare for UPSC irrespective of his academic background. As far as his concepts are sound and is a graduate, he is eligible to compete for the India’s most prestigious exams i.e. UPSC. Most of the students cannot afford the hefty fees of the coaching institutes and hence go all along with self studying. The digital revolution has made their path more easy going. There are many online web portals and apps available for UPSC preparation. These websites not only provide you with the study material but also have communities where your doubts are cleared by the professionals or other fellow members.

In Fact, you don’t have to pay a single penny for your mock tests also. These online portals are in tie ups with some big names and professionals in this field to provide an extensive database of questions covering each and every aspect of the study. You can enroll for free or download a Smartphone app (which is free too) for your preparation. The best part of following an online coaching approach is that you don’t have to waste time in commuting.

Best Places for UPSC preparation (Offline)


Delhi is biggest hub of UPSC aspirants in North India. Areas such as Old Rajendra Nagar, GTB nagar and Mukherjee Nagar are flooded with IAS coaching Institutes and other services such as Tiffin service, cheap wi-fi connectivity, PG’s etc. All the study material such as books are readily available there. If you are staying alone, then it will cost you around 8-10k. But suggest going for sharing basis will drive you economical and will be in your budget too.

If you are preparing in Hindi, then Mukherjee Nagar is the best option and old Rajendra Nagar for the English. In fact the writer of the finest book such as Majid Hussain for Geography is a faculty in Pragati IAS. In Rajendra Nagar, you will get the best subject expertise teachers such as Pavan Kumar for Public Administration, Mitra Pal for Philosophy, Salamuddin Ansari etc.


Chandigarh is also evolving as a hub for UPSC aspirants at a very fast pace. Many of the top IAS coaching centers are planning to have their branches in Chandigarh.


Kolkata serves the IAS aspirants from the eastern Region and indeed offers the best places and coaching centers to study. Due to good climatic conditions unlike the extremities in Delhi, aspirants are able to focus properly without any distractions. Apart from Kolkata, Patna, Guwahati and Bhubaneshwar are also developing into UPSC hubs.

Jaipur, Mumbai

Jaipur and Mumbai are the perfect places in case you don’t want to relocate to Delhi for the UPSC preparation. With most of things going streamlined and digitized, the preparation has become much easier for the students of western India.


Chennai is the second best option after Delhi. It feeds the south India and has the best in-class coaching centre and top notch faculty. In Chennai, areas famous for IAS coaching are Anna Nagar, Greensway Road, Egmore and Koyambedu. The areas are famous as there is easy availability of all the facilities such as PG’s, study material etc. All the institutes offer versatile courses for the preparation starting from the six month short course to three year extensive program.

Bengaluru, Hyderabad

After Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad are no less behind and are developing equally fast to stand in the race for becoming IAS hubs. The good weather conditions in both these places are further accelerating the process.

These are just the places which serve as the roadmap for your success in the UPSC preparation. But the driving key is indeed your hard-work, determination and positive attitude. Best of Luck for your preparation!!