Any professional hair-dresser or hair salon owner should take time to consider what services they would like to offer customers, as part of their business plan.

The variety of services and treatments offered will influence a lot of other factors, such as the salon’s size, how many barbers, stylists, and beauticians would be required to run the place, what supplies and equipment would be needed, etc.


While there is no specific, fixed list of services that a hair salon has to offer, at the same time, there is no limit to how many services and treatments it can provide its customers.

If you want to operate a salon that only caters to hairdressing, instead of an all-around, spa-like salon, here’s a shortlist of services & treatments that most salons generally offer:

Haircuts And Hair Styling

Haircuts are the most basic and essential service a salon must offer to all its customers, be it a mens’, womens’, or a unisex salon. Despite specialization in some areas, the salon’s barbers/ hairdressers are expected to be able to cut and trim all kinds of hair. Another standard service usually included along with a haircut is styling and drying the customer’s hair according to their specifications.

Hair Dyeing And Coloring

Hair coloring is a common treatment at hair salons. Because attempts at home to color and dye hair may go wrong, most individuals opt for professional hair coloring. When a client visits a salon for hair coloring, they expect to get the exact shade of color they want for their hair, since hairdressers can mix different colors to create a new one and achieve the customer’s desired color scheme. A Hair salon Forest Hills offers several methods to color hair, both short-term and long-term.

Ceremonial Hair Styling

Wedding ceremonies, prom dances, and other formal/ceremonial events require a more traditional form of hairstyling. To create the ultimate look that’ll keep people commenting on how handsome or pretty someone is, requires an extensive amount of curling and teasing the hair. Formalized ceremonial hairstyling demands a lot of practice and patience to get the desired style. As a result, it is a much-valued service and is even considered essential by some people. Several different formal and ceremonial styling options are offered at a professional hair salon Forest Hills.

This list does not include all possible salon services. A professional hair salon can provide a wide range of specialist services, but this list gives an idea of what customers expect.