Barbershop Manhattan plays the most significant role in the lives of men. People generally find it boring to go to a barbershop and get a haircut or have a grooming session. But, there is more than just cutting and trimming hair.

Barbershop is one of the oldest professions, and they have a long history. There are several interesting facts about barbershops that are not known to the people of modern times. Here are the facts about Barbershop Manhattan:

The Origination Of The Word ‘Barber’

The word ‘barber’ has been derived from the Latin word, which typically means beard. Since classical times, beards were considered as the symbol of wisdom, strength, masculinity, and high social status in many different cultures and religions. For instance, barbers in Egypt work as priests who were believed to defeat evil spirits with their beards and hair. People believed that the longer the beard, the more authority they have in society.

Facts About Barbershop

Progression Of Barber Profession

Barbering was art in olden times instead of just work. With the popularity of the barbering profession, people of all age groups started talking about them. In simple words, they were the topic of the gossip between intellectual people. This trend is continuously evolving since the historical period.

Invention Of Barber’s Chairs

During the time of the Civil War, the barber’s chair was introduced that features raised seating, lavishly placed with a footrest. After few years, the first recliner barber chairs came into existence. Evolution kept on taking place in different eras. Barbershop Manhattan is still a talk of the town in many places.

Additional Facts About Barbershop

The additional facts about barbershops are as follows:

  • Barbershops have existed since the olden times and will prevail in the future due to their unique evolution of styles.
  • The ancient artifact of razors was found in the tomb of Egypt, which dates back to 6000 years ago.
  • In ancient times, barbers were considered to be the priests who cut and trims hair and beards as a symbol of fighting against evil spirits.
  • It was a belief that hair is the source of entry of evil spirits into the human body. So, barbers are the keeper.
  • The “Father of Modern Surgery,” also known as Ambroise Pare, was a barber.
  • Barbers were also responsible for the trimming of nails and caring for teeth.
  • Barbering is the most significant art form in the oldest times.


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