Designing your own vinyl wall lettering using DIY lettering is the best way to personalize your home and spaces such as baby nurseries, children’s rooms, family rooms, laundry room, bedrooms or even your bathrooms.  Using DIY wall lettering gives you the ability to have your walls say anything, in almost any color and size you are wanting for the area and design needed.  You can choose a classic font or a more decorative font or both at the same time to make your design pop and add some creative flair.  Adding a decorative swirl or decorative embellishment to your wall will bring more attention to your design and add a uniqueness that you won’t find anywhere else.  DIY lettering wall phrases are an elegant and inviting way to decorate your home or anywhere you want to make a statement with your decor!

Personalized DIY Wall Lettering for Your Home

If you need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing just do some searches on Pinterest and you will surely find the perfect idea for your DIY wall lettering.  A really popular item is to create your family saying or family prayer to post in the dining room on a feature wall.  Or maybe in the entryway, you might want to post the family name along with established date.  For example The Smiths – est. 1991.  This adds character and a sense of family and togetherness that makes a house a home.   Maybe you have a favorite saying for the laundry room or want to create a custom menu board for the kitchen.  It is so much fun to design custom DIY lettering to make your home special and unique.

 Using DIY wall lettering you can get festive by adding yyour favoriteholiday saying or graphics to your walls throughout the seasons as they change giving your home a constant new refreshed look through the year.  Wall lettering is easily removed when you are ready to remove it and is a very easy installation and clean up as well.

Choose a color that contrasts with the color of your wall for the best visual results.  It is also smart to test a small sample piece of vinyl as wall lettering does not stick to all paint surfaces.  Some of the newer low e voc paints have a low surface tension that rejects adhesives applied to them.  There are wall materials with stronger adhesives, but these may cause some damage when it comes time to remove them.  Just some tips to keep in mind.