Clen helps in burning fat tissue and to maintain lean muscle tissue. This is the reason behind Clebuterol’s popularity. When it comes to weight loss it is the choice of majority of the people. However, it is better to know about the possible side effects of Clen before using it. All the supplements may not be suitable for every individual. If not used properly, Clen will result in many side effects. So, it is better to understand the way of use and learn the precautions that must be taken before starting Clen to avoid the Clen’s side effects.

Clenbuterol Side Effects

Side effects:

When compared to other supplements which are used in bodybuilding, Clen’s side effects are not that significant. Many of the long term and short term side effects are not seen with Clenbuterol use because it does not have Steroid structure.

If used for short term and as per instructions, in the majority of the cases Clen will not result in side effects. It is very effective in reducing body fat in expected duration of time. Clen has the ability to warm the body and it is at the cellular level. This supplement is earlier used only in the treatment of breathing disorders like asthma. But later people started using it for weight loss management.

Through enhancing the temperature of the body Clen results in increased metabolism. This helps in burning fat storage. The good thing is most of the weight dropped by Clen is fatty tissue. If the user follows the balanced diet and planned exercise programs along with Clen’s use there will not be any loss in muscle mass. In some cases, there will be muscle gains also when using Clen. This is the reason Clen has become very popular among bodybuilders. However, some of the common side effects that are often seen are overstimulation, headache or dizziness.

Other than this, users may experience increased muscle cramps, heart rate, dry mouth, nervousness, hypertension, breathing issues, and headache. It is better to avoid Clen if the individual already has heart conditions or he is suffering from cardiovascular issues. This is because by using Clen one may experience increase in heart rate which is not good for the,

Long term side effects:

It is very important to follow the cycle instructions when using Clen. This will help in avoiding many of the side effects that could be caused by Clen. It is good to have a big gap between Clen’s cycles. This will help in getting rid of short term side effects and avoiding the long-term side effects.

Abusing Clenbuterol is the other reason behind getting long-term side effects. The user will get into serious side effects if Clen is used for long term. The most dangerous side effect can be related to the cardiovascular system since Clen increases the heart rate. There may be increase in the size of the tissue in the cardiac muscle which is located in the heart. So it is important to follow a planned cycle and avoid abuse and overdose with Clen. Better to use this supplement only for short interval of time.