Driving is a thrilling experience, especially for beginners, but it is necessary to be safe while on the road. In order to make sure each and every driver knows and follows driving rules, they need to obtain a licence by clearing a test. There are two parts of a driving test:

  1. Theory test
  2. Practical test

Just like practical test, theory test is pretty important. It helps the drivers and motorcyclists to think carefully about safety rules and the right attitude needed while they are on road. All in all, passing a theory test is inevitable if you wish to acquire the licence.  You must pass the theory test before booking a practical test. In theory test, randomly selected multiple-choice questions asked and you at least need to get more than 85{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda} to pass the exam.

However, when we talk about theory test, there are many myths surrounding it. Theory test candidates who believe in these myths don’t succeed easily. So, here we have listed some myths of theory test which are heard over the period of years and you must beware of them.

Myths about driving theory test

  1. You can pass a theory test easily on Fridays

So, doesn’t this sound funny and unbelievable? Well, this is because it is. Theory test candidates are led to believe that on Fridays the test invigilator is in a good mood since they are looking forward to have a good weekend and so you have a better chance at clearing the exam.

Well, this is completely absurd and wrong for two reasons – 1. Most theory test centres are working on Saturdays. So, they aren’t expecting a weekend the next day. 2. The mood of invigilator doesn’t even matter, because the results are computerized.

  1. Monday mornings are worst for theory tests

Again, this is just like the ‘Friday Mood’ theory which candidates believe in. Some believe that on Monday mornings the test invigilator isn’t in a good mood and hence it can affect the chances of clearing the theory test. However, there is no statistical evidence to prove that taking a test on Monday has any sort of bearing on the test result.

  1. You can pass the test without any preparation

A few candidates believe that passing a theory test is no big deal and you can anytime booking theory test without any preparation. Well, this isn’t true. Keep in mind that no matter how well you know the rules and regulations of driving, there will be always some questions which will catch you out in the paper. So, the only way to ensure passing the test is going prepared.

If you are wondering that is there any particular good or best time to appear for test, then the answer is – YES. The best time is when you feel perfectly confident and are well-prepared. As a matter of fact, there is no hidden formula for passing the test. However, if you are going for the test fully prepared, you are sure to succeed.