After you’ve been sleeping seven or eight hours, your body becomes dehydrated. If you drink water right away after you woke up the flow of oxygen will increase and this is very helpful regarding the production of muscle and also blood cells. Drinking water before eating helps you to purify your colon, allowing nutrients to be absorbed easier. Your kidneys will also function better when you have enough fluids.

When you’re dehydrated, it shows on your entire body. You can feel tired, drained, you may have headaches or you may even experience mood fluctuations. Many times the lack of water can make you think that you are hungry, a by only drinking a glass of water in the morning or before meals, you will eat less and you won’t feel the need to eat until lunch. So you can imagine how much is a glass of water worth for your health.

Imagine not drinking any kind of liquids: water, tea, juice for eight hours. And this happens when you sleep. Because it doesn’t feed with fluids your body becomes dehydrated and that is why you wake up with a dry mouth and you feel super thirsty. Water it is very important for the proper functioning of our body. This is why staying hydrated is important. Generally, even doctors recommend drinking six to eight cups of water a day. This amount of water is especially goofed for your kidneys and colon because it helps flushing toxins out of our bodies. Drinking the right amount of water it may be the simplest way for all disease-prevention. And also in diets, water has a big importance. Drinking water is the easiest efforts that you can make when it comes to weight loss. Like I was saying before sometimes when you feel hungry you may just be thirsty because minds usually confuse hunger and thirst. So, when you feel hungry at unusual times of the day, just drink a cup of water before going to the kitchen and grab some food. If you really are hungry, then you can eat something. But if the feelings of hunger go away after drinking that cup of water then definitely, you were thirsty. This is why many health and diet books recommend drinking a glass of water before going to events because this way you will prevent eating unnecessary food. So, drinking water lets you realize how or if you are hungry.

Our body needs liquids, mostly water. Dehydration is our body’s enemy. Our metabolism is very well connected with the amount of water we drink, and without it our organs can’t and won’t function as efficiently. Our bodies needs an adequate amount of water to properly function, especially during exercise, and also in fat-burning process.