PC game lovers really required a powerful keyboard which will give them an edge at playing. A normal keyboard is not good enough as it will be damaged pretty soon. For gamers they are likely to use a keyboard for long hours and doing it with a normal keyboard can be troublesome. To make things easier for gamers the MOTOSPEED 104 is an ideal keyboard. This keyboard is made for a long run and certainly makes the gaming easy. Even for office use this keyboard is ideal and will not heat up while using for long hours.

Motospeed Gaming Keyboards

Interesting features of this keyboard

  1. Smooth button transmission: First thing to know that this keyboard is a professional one. The placement of keys are great and having the distinct design. Another thing is that the keys are very smooth for both playing and typing. For office or home works and even gaming, the click gives the accurate command from the time it is clicked. There are a total of 104 keys in it and the entire key is having a smooth interface. More than 10 million keystroke pressing for each key, which makes it more durable.
  2. Waterproof: A liquid is a bad omen for Computer Peripherals and can certainly bring a great damage to the circuits. This key is waterproof and also having enough space to letting the water out. For all the unwanted liquid now there will be no problem. If a liquid falls in it then just simply turn the keyboard upside down and the water will flow out. No circuits will be destroyed and just before using make sure that all the water is out from the keyboard.
  3. Classy LED lights: To bring a more appropriate look the keyboard is having rainbow Led lights attached to it. If you don’t want the lights then just simply press the button and the light will go off. The lights make it more interesting while playing games as it also increases the concentration.
  1. Stability: A keyboard is only good when it’s not shaking while working on it. Even when typing if the keyboard shakes then it makes the flow go bad. This keyboard is not having any kinds of issues and has a structural base at the bottom. This makes this keyboard to have more stability in the place where it is kept. For gamers this is very good as the keyboard itself does not move and the gamers can easily play.

This keyboard is not heavy and gives an outrageous performance. Each key depression is just flawless and makes it much easier for anyone to use. It’s up to the usage for playing games or heavy typing work this keyboard is best for everything.