A marble sealer is applied to create an effective barrier between anything such as water permeating through the marble, which in return could stain the marble, etc.

However, there are many types of stones and for that, we need different types of sealers.

What is a Marble Sealer?

  • It is a kind of surface treatment
  • It is applied onto the marble to fill in any open pores
  • It is applied to prevent any foreign material
  • The sealers have a quality of permeating through the marble, and clogging the pores, making other things, which could harm the marble; not get absorbed by the marble.


  • The marble countertop sealer is made up of majorly two things, a liquid-based solvent and solid resin.
  • When applied to the marble, the liquid-based solvent evaporates.
  • The resin present in the sealer will get clogged inside the pores of the marble.


Marble is a stone and it can easily be taken that there might not be any need for sealers. Although, the maintenance of the Marbles in your home, or your space, is very important, regularly. Why?

1.    Stains:

After some time, marble: a less porous stone, can be affected by liquids which will infiltrate through the pores of the marble, and will create a stain.

2.    Slip Resistance:

Sealing the marble would help make your marble resistant to slip. There are some sealers which clog the pores of your marbles as well as make them slip-resistant.

3.    Easy to Clean:

Because the dirt and other things will not be able to penetrate through the pores, it will be easier for you to wipe it all away.

4.    Etches:

When food spills on our marble countertops, it can harm the surface of our marble countertops if not cleaned immediately. The food reacts with the marble’s calcium carbonates, resulting in stains and etching.

Does my Countertop need it?

  • One way of checking if your marble countertop requires sealing, has very simple steps. All you have to do is, put a small amount of water on your countertop and wait if the water penetrates the stones/ or is absorbed by the stone. You need to seal your marble countertops.
  • If your marble doesn’t have the shine in it, and has become chalky, then you should consider sealing your marbles.
  • White spots, if there are white spots on your marbles.

Sealing Service by CATA Stone Care and Restoration:

  • As mentioned before, as time passes the natural stones can lose their texture and shine. They can start to get stained or become chalky. This makes it very important for us to apply sealant on it regularly.
  • Sealants are not permanent; hence, we need to reapply them according to the need.
  • The services provided by CATA Stone Care and Restoration will help you
    • Deeply clean your marbles
    • Removing dirt and soils
    • Their sealer penetrates deep into the pores and creates a barrier.

These services will make everything easier for you, such as cleaning, the look of your marbles and even create ease for you in the process of cleaning.